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Network programming with Go

An e-book on building network applications using the Google Go programming language (golang)

Quotes about programming languages

"There are two ways of constructing a software design. One way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies. And the other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies."

Tony (C.A.R.) Hoare. Computing professor, implemented Algol 60, searcher at Microsoft Research.


Myths about code comments - Jason in a Nutshell

It seems to me getting good at writing comments is an under-appreciated part of a Programmer's development. However, I feel that this is a part of programming that's almost as important as writing code itself.


Pair Programming Ping Pong Pattern

  1. A writes a new test and sees that it fails.
  2. B implements the code needed to pass the test.
  3. B writes the next test.
  4. A implements it.

Trails of EasyExtend » Blog Archive » Guido is my problem - Projects and projections

Our software is as brittle as 15-20 years ago. Reusable objects and framework superstructures have failed. UML has failed. Even design pattern have failed as they turned out to be more idiomatic than universal. What’s left are lightweight programming languages which let us glue things together. Some are user friendly and don’t suck badly. That’s still the best we have.

Lua, are you there?

Learning by Code

I'm not speaking from experience, but rather from logic. My experience is that I've learned more about programming from programming than from reading. My logic is that, given the many irrelevant parts of my personal programming-related readings, I could increase learning by focusing more on the act of programming itself.

read less, do more.


Memoizing recursive functions via the fixed-point Y combinator: Applying functional programming techniques to Javascript

Is it possible to express a "recursive" function like factorial without using recursion or iteration? The answer--often surprising--is yes. The technique involved--expressing recursive functions as fixed-points--leads to a more fundamental understanding of recursion.

Wow, there's a lovely world that needs to be explored

You’re NOT gonna need it!


The best way to implement code quickly is to implement less of it. The best way to have fewer bugs is to implement less code.

The Freebase Blog » Blog Archive » A Brief Tour of Graphd is powered by a tuple store called graphd. Graphd is a C/Unix server which processes commands in a simple template-based query language.

linked articles are also interesting

recursion (idea)

This is the best explanation of recursion I've heard.

not bad once you already know what recursion is

SPARQLScript - Semantic Mashups made easy - benjamin nowack's blog

a script that integrates status notices from my twitter and feeds, and then creates an HTML "lifestream" snippet.

a SPARQL-based scripting language.

Crash Monad Tutorial

Monads in programming seem to be the most mysterious notion of the century.

so I do.

Erlang: An Introduction to Records | 20bits

If you want to to add and remove fields on the fly, or if you don't know what fields you'll have until runtime, you should use dicts rather than records.

whenever using record, how and not (by choosing dict instead)

Real World Haskell » Blog Archive » CUFP 2007 videos now easier to view

[…] the recorded sessions from last year’s Commercial Users of Functional Programming are now up in conveniently viewable form on Google Video.

Erlang, F#, ...

gen_server behaviour in Erlang - You don't want to read this.

The power of OTP comes from the fact that properties such as fault tolerance, scalability, dynamic-code upgrade, and so on, can be provided by the behavior itself. In other words, the writer of the callback does not have to worry about [those things] because this is provided by the behavior.

The single most important thing you must do to improve your programming career

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The single most important thing you must do to improve your programming career is improve your ability to communicate.

with a MacIntosh presentation, they didn't really change over the years.

Simian: Similarity Analyser

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Simian (Similarity Analyser) identifies duplication in […] source code and even plain text files. In fact, simian can be used on any human readable files such as ini files, deployment descriptors, you name it.

how to be sure you're DRY


Developing at the speed of thought

Here’s an idea: if you are spending more time writing code, than thinking about what code you should write - you are doing something wrong. Very wrong. Or it’s something trivial enough to not be of much importance. Or it’s Java.

Pisser du code, comme on dit couramment.

The Tao Of Programming

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Thus spake the master programmer: “After three days without programming, life becomes meaningless.”

Programming CouchDB with Javascript - plok

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To illustrate how easy and straightforward writing applications for CouchDB is, we are going to build a simple todo-list application in Javascript.

for my next hour of free time.

steve dekorte - blog

Let's see what happens when we introduce a seed of bad code into an organization

and it grows like a cancer.

Damien Katz: Signs You're a Crappy Programmer (and don't know it)

here are some signs you're a crappy programmer and don't know it

trolls can survive

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