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Gentoo Optimizations Benchmarked | Linux Magazine

Although we are not comparing apples to apples, Gentoo did out-perform Ubuntu in almost every test, and sometimes by a fair margin. It does appear that optimizing for a specific CPU can yield a decent performance increase.

Of course, Gentoo offers benefits in other areas with their USE flags and being able to build a highly customized system. The question is whether the amount of time it takes is worth the benefit, and that’s a personal choice.

High Performance Web Sites :: @font-face and performance

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A quick survey shows that seven of the Alexa U.S. top ten web sites have a SCRIPT tag above their stylesheets or STYLE blocks: AOL, Facebook, Google, Bing, MSN, MySpace, and Yahoo!. These web sites don’t currently use @font-face, but if they did, they would experience the IE blocked rendering problem. This raises the concern that other web sites that are early adopters of @font-face have a SCRIPT tag above @font-face and their IE users run the risk of experiencing blocked rendering.


phpsocketdaemon - Google Code

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By using this library you can focus on implementing protocol and logic, instead of spending countless hours of writing and debugging asynchronous, non blocking, high performance socket routines.

PHP is getting massive ?

SmartSprites: CSS Sprite Generator Done Right

SmartSprites is a tool that will let you easily introduce and maintain CSS sprites in your designs. SmartSprites parses special directives you can insert into your original CSS to mark individual images to be turned into sprites. It then builds sprite images from the collected images and automatically inserts the required CSS properties to your style sheet, so that the sprites are used instead of the individual images.

sprites for the lazy

RDF Store Benchmarks with DBpedia

In the course of my diploma thesis, I evaluated the performance of several RDF stores when small pieces of information are requested from a large dataset (DBpedia infoboxes plus two very small sets). The benchmark queries employ varying levels of joins and constraints.

we all love benchmarks

Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site

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The Exceptional Performance team has identified a number of best practices for making web pages fast. The list includes 34 best practices divided into 7 categories.

premature optimization is the root of all evil

Pylot | Open Source Web Performance Tool

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Pylot is a free open source tool for testing performance and scalability of web services. It runs HTTP load tests, which are useful for capacity planning, benchmarking, analysis, and system tuning. : Django performance tips

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some notes on how we tweak our servers to get that type of high performance.

nice Django tips.

Julien Lecomte’s Blog » High Performance Ajax Applications - Video Presentation

a talk (at Yahoo!) about High Performance Ajax Applications

video and slides on slideshare.


JavaScript Performance and XForms infrastructure

Javascript Performance

everybody loves benchmarks

What are CSS sprites?

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CSS sprites are a way to reduce the number of HTTP requests made for image resources referenced by your site. Images are combined into one larger image at defined X and Y coorindates. Having assigned this generated image to relevant page elements the background-position CSS property can then used to shift the visible area to the required component image.

another way to save precious HTTP hits from your page

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