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Pair Programming Ping Pong Pattern

  1. A writes a new test and sees that it fails.
  2. B implements the code needed to pass the test.
  3. B writes the next test.
  4. A implements it.

Trails of EasyExtend » Blog Archive » Guido is my problem - Projects and projections

Our software is as brittle as 15-20 years ago. Reusable objects and framework superstructures have failed. UML has failed. Even design pattern have failed as they turned out to be more idiomatic than universal. What’s left are lightweight programming languages which let us glue things together. Some are user friendly and don’t suck badly. That’s still the best we have.

Lua, are you there?



Erlang-style pattern matching. This defines a decorator ``Inbox`` which turns a function into an inbox that accepts messages (through calling) and dispatches to an implementation.


Peter's Blog - Lazy Function Definition Pattern

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This article examines a functional-programming design pattern I’ve been calling Lazy Function Definition. I’ve repeatedly found this pattern useful in JavaScript especially when writing cross-browser libraries that are efficient at runtime.

lazy, lazy, lazy

Undelete in Django | Nathan Ostgard

“Never use a warning when you mean undo.”


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