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A propos de générativité - Standblog

La générativité, c'est la capacité d'un système à produire des changements non prévus via des contributions non filtrées provenant d'une grande diversité de contributeurs. Des termes comme "ouverture", "libre" ou encore "communs" en évoquent certains aspects, mais sans complètement le définir, et parfois en semant l'incompréhension.

Un néologisme de plus


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In the beginning was Netscape Gold. Then Mozilla Composer. From the ashes of Netscape and the code of Mozilla Composer came Nvu. Nvu had a cousin, KompoZer. But all this tools now belong to History and are extinct or on path to extinction.

In the meantime, Mozilla brought Firefox to the masses and its rendering engine, Gecko, has the power to fuel a next-generation wysiwyg editor for the World Wide Web. This editor is BlueGriffon™. Stay tuned !


Outstanding Elephant - jARIA

jARIA is a plugin for the jQuery javascript library that adds ARIA support to Web applications. It is based on a javascript library written for Mozilla by IBM.

it seems to be a good start

Key-navigable custom DHTML widgets - MDC

An increasing number of web applications are using JavaScript to mimic desktop widgets like menus, tree views, rich text fields, and tab panels. Web developers are constantly innovating, and future applications will contain complex, interactive elements such as spreadsheets, calendars, organizational charts, and beyond. Until now, web developers wanting to make their styled <div> and <span> based widgets keyboard accessible have lacked the proper techniques. However, keyboard accessibility is part of the minimum accessibility requirements that any web developer should be aware of.

the usage of tabindex and focus


MozRepl | hyperstruct

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Connect to Firefox and other Mozilla apps, explore and modify them from the inside, while they're running.

remote control for XUL-based apps

The GNOME commentary » Random madness, including but not limited to GNOME and Linux » Prism, handing the future unqeustioning to Mozilla and Google


Oh yes I can’t wait for this to be the next big thing.. Please Mozilla, make me and my data Googles bitch.

random thoughts about Mozilla Prism

FUEL - MozillaWiki

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Bibliothèque JS pour aider au développement d'extensions Fx.



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