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Gentoo Optimizations Benchmarked | Linux Magazine

Although we are not comparing apples to apples, Gentoo did out-perform Ubuntu in almost every test, and sometimes by a fair margin. It does appear that optimizing for a specific CPU can yield a decent performance increase.

Of course, Gentoo offers benefits in other areas with their USE flags and being able to build a highly customized system. The question is whether the amount of time it takes is worth the benefit, and that’s a personal choice.

Announcing Moonshine, the project never formerly known as Pornilus | Aaron Bockover

Moonshine is a project based on Moonlight that leverages the built-in Windows Media capabilities of Silverlight to bring Windows Media playback to Linux in a fully legitimate way, without forcing the end user worry about what a codec is. This is possible because Microsoft provides the codecs directly to all Moonlight users, regardless of their choice of Linux distribution.

Not worse than Flash imho, but not better, gimme ogg/theora!

Da Linux French Page

by 34 others
Le 12 janvier 2009, la totalité du projet antispam Dspam a été cédé à sa communauté de développeurs et d'utilisateurs, ce qui inclut bien entendu les sources mais aussi le copyright, le logo ainsi que le contenu de l'ancien site internet.


A Million-user Comet Application with Mochiweb, Part 1 | Richard Jones, Esq.

In this series I will detail what I found out empirically about how mochiweb performs with lots of open connections, and show how to build a comet application using mochiweb, where each mochiweb connection is registered with a router which dispatches messages to various users.

with details how to tweak the kernel and make a flood test

Hardware for Linux - Statistics

Here are the mean rating notes and the number of rated components by Linux distribution. Are displayed only Linux distributions with more than 10 rated systems.

cool stats that can help fixing a broken installation.


The GNOME commentary » Random madness, including but not limited to GNOME and Linux » Prism, handing the future unqeustioning to Mozilla and Google


Oh yes I can’t wait for this to be the next big thing.. Please Mozilla, make me and my data Googles bitch.

random thoughts about Mozilla Prism

Busy lab's Apple iBook and Linux section

Apple keyboard special characters for programmers



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