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June 2008

jsonpickle - Google Code

jsonpickle allows for any Python object to be serialized into JSON.

March 2008

Fire Eagle and Shapely

Fire Eagle GeoJSON is fixed. Shapely is great for doing things with your data.

January 2008


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Halcyon is a JSON Web App Server Framework built on Rack for speed and light weight.

even if I don't get the point yet, it can be useful one day.

October 2007 All the code that's fit to printf()


Welcome to Check out our projects

Cool projects by the NY Times geeks.

September 2007

Sam Ruby: Introducing Basura

If Joe Gregorio can name his framework Robaccia, I certainly can name my database Basura.

The Sam Ruby's essay on a CouchDb like in Python.

April 2007

Google AJAX Feed API

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Downloads Feeds with JavaScript

lalit dot lab -- JSON Cookies with Prototype.

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JavaScript code to store data as JSON strings in cookies.

March 2007

Allegra » Blog Archive » Introducing Regular JSON Expressions

JSONR is a simple protocol to specify practical patterns for network object models

Django | Documentation | Testing Django applications

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A test case for a database-backed website isn't much use if there isn't any data in the database.

January 2007

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