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What do founders spend their time on, after their product launch?

Building what they should have made.


2008 » Clickjacking and NoScript

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Looks like Clickjacking is the web-security buzzword of the week (month?), since Robert “RSnake” Hansen and Jeremiah Grossman decided to cancel their OWASP talk, drawing an aura of mystery around the whole issue and its magnitudo.

oho, another way to scare people, cool.


SQL Injection Cheat Sheet

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Currently only for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server, some ORACLE and some PostgreSQL.

Hacking Django, how Bazaar « Gary Wilson

A nice example of how hacking a svn with bzr... (better that with git ?)

without an e: What python looks like naked [01/10/2007 14:35:29]

How to create everything dynamicly in Python >>> bar = type("bar", (object,), {"one":1}) >>> foo = bar() >>> 1

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