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Our software is as brittle as 15-20 years ago. Reusable objects and framework superstructures have failed. UML has failed. Even design pattern have failed as they turned out to be more idiomatic than universal. What’s left are lightweight programming languages which let us glue things together. Some are user friendly and don’t suck badly. That’s still the best we have.

Lua, are you there?


Smisk is a simple, high-performance and scalable web service framework written in C, but controlled by Python. Smisk is currently used in production by Spotify and Livebloggen.

Can work on WSGI application, thanks Spotify!


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A world-class geographic web framework

Django using adapted to a GIS backend (like PostGIS)


Bitten is a Python-based framework for collecting various software metrics via continuous integration. It builds on Trac to provide an integrated web-based user interface.

it sounds juicy

A Simple Web App using Nitrogen.

Nitrogen is a Erlang web framework created by Rusty Klophaus. It’s looking pretty good so far and seem to be steadily improving. Today I decided it was time to jump in and get to know Nitrogen and setup my own app. Using the Amazon wishlist gen_server code I posted yesterday I created a little app that will accept an email address and then return your wishlist.

another web framework in Erlang.



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Revactor is an application framework for Ruby which uses the Actor model to simplify the creation of high-performance network services.

Writing concurrent systems is one of the most difficult problems facing programmers today. Working with threads is difficult, and asynchronous approaches are confusing and difficult to work with.

Erlang-like for Ruby, nice.


Disco is an open-source implementation of the Map-Reduce framework for distributed computing. As the original framework, Disco supports parallel computations over large data sets on unreliable cluster of computers.

The Disco core is written in Erlang, a functional language that is designed for building robust fault-tolerant distributed applications. Users of Disco typically write jobs in Python, which makes it possible to express even complex algorithms or data processing tasks often only in tens of lines of code. This means that you can quickly write scripts to process massive amounts of data.

Disco was started at Nokia Research Center as a lightweight framework for rapid scripting of distributed data processing tasks. This far Disco has been succesfully used, for instance, in parsing and reformatting data, data clustering, probabilistic modelling, data mining, full-text indexing, and log analysis with hundreds of gigabytes of real-world data.

Erlang + Python = complete beautifulness

Diva Project – Trac


Diva is a a lightweight web framework for Python that is built on top of WSGI and integrated with the Genshi template engine. It also uses Babel for internationalization and WebOb for a more convenient abstraction on top of raw HTTP/WSGI.

Yet another Pythonic web framework.

HTTP Vocabulary in RDF

This document defines a representation of the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) using the Resource Description Framework (RDF). It defines a collection of RDF classes and properties that represent the HTTP vocabulary as defined by the HTTP specification.

Tonic: A RESTful Web App Development PHP Library

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Tonic is an open source less is more, RESTful Web application development PHP library designed to do things "the right way", where resources are king and the library gets out of the way and leaves the developer to get on with it. in PHP, more verbose though.

Provides a framework for daemonizing a process.

via Simon.


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Halcyon is a JSON Web App Server Framework built on Rack for speed and light weight.

even if I don't get the point yet, it can be useful one day.


Sam Ruby: Introducing Basura

If Joe Gregorio can name his framework Robaccia, I certainly can name my database Basura.

The Sam Ruby's essay on a CouchDb like in Python.

dojo.query: A CSS Query Engine For Dojo | The Dojo Toolkit

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it looks pretty fast regarding YUI or jQuery.


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RSpec is a Behaviour Definition Framework well suited for practicing Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) in Ruby.

Django snippets: Welcome

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A site for users of the Django web framework to come together and share useful "snippets" of reusable code.

Django cheat sheet (Mercurytide)

We’ve created a one-page Django cheat sheet

Fork JavaScript

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The best of Prototype and YUI.

The Hobo Blog

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Django admin with Rails.


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