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Announcing Moonshine, the project never formerly known as Pornilus | Aaron Bockover

Moonshine is a project based on Moonlight that leverages the built-in Windows Media capabilities of Silverlight to bring Windows Media playback to Linux in a fully legitimate way, without forcing the end user worry about what a codec is. This is possible because Microsoft provides the codecs directly to all Moonlight users, regardless of their choice of Linux distribution.

Not worse than Flash imho, but not better, gimme ogg/theora!

Extension Blogmarks pour Firefox 3.1

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Quelle réactivité ! Extension Blogmarks pour Firefox 3.1

on perd la customisation du favelet (blockquote/p), mais gagne en sympathie en ayant ça dans la barre d'outils.


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In the beginning was Netscape Gold. Then Mozilla Composer. From the ashes of Netscape and the code of Mozilla Composer came Nvu. Nvu had a cousin, KompoZer. But all this tools now belong to History and are extinct or on path to extinction.

In the meantime, Mozilla brought Firefox to the masses and its rendering engine, Gecko, has the power to fuel a next-generation wysiwyg editor for the World Wide Web. This editor is BlueGriffon™. Stay tuned !


Firefox test case: Web content, keyboard navigation on Windows

A list of JAWS function keystrokes to test with Firefox

Aza’s Thoughts » Ubiquity In Depth

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Ubiquity is an experiment two parts. It’s both an interface and a development platform. Ubiquity 0.1 focuses on the platform aspects, while beginning to explore language-driven methods of controlling the browser.

Quicksilver for Firefox

mindforks: Debugging JavaScript evals

Note to self... when debugging dojo in firefox... always check the script option: "Show eval() sources" in firebug.

eval is evil, but still.

FirePHP - Extending Firebug < Reference


The following example illustrates how to add a new panel called "Test Panel" to Firebug.

How to extend Firebug for your needs.


MozRepl | hyperstruct

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Connect to Firefox and other Mozilla apps, explore and modify them from the inside, while they're running.

remote control for XUL-based apps

Using microformats - MDC

Firefox 3 implements a global Microformats object that provides access to microformats. This object and its API make finding and reading microformats easy to do.

upcoming API in Firefox 3 for Microformats

XSLT:PI Parameters - MDC

passing parameters to a XSL stylesheet inside Firefox.

FUEL - MozillaWiki

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Bibliothèque JS pour aider au développement d'extensions Fx.


SIMILE Project

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Full of tools for for Semantic Web

XmlSerializer and JavaScript []

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var serializer = new XMLSerializer(); alert(serializer.serializeToString(request.responseXML));

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