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January 2009

James Shore: The Decline and Fall of Agile

Or maybe we need to stop selling Agile. Maybe we need to say, "Agile is hard, and you can't master it by sitting through a two-day course." Maybe we need to be firm and say, "Sorry, if you don't use agile engineering practices, if you don't have high-bandwidth communication, and if you don't include a strong customer voice, you're not going to succeed. Try something else instead." Scrum is popular because it's easy--and that's part of the problem.

Is that linked to the cargo cult thingy?

July 2008 in text/plain

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Votre navigateur n'est ni Firefox, ni Internet Explorer. Afin de vous offrir la possibilité de pouvoir consulter notre liste de prix quelque soit votre navigateur, si vous vous connectez en n'utilisant ni Firefox ni Internet Explorer, une liste de prix au format texte vous sera affichée.

seen with Opera. It's far more usable by the way

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