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In the beginning was Netscape Gold. Then Mozilla Composer. From the ashes of Netscape and the code of Mozilla Composer came Nvu. Nvu had a cousin, KompoZer. But all this tools now belong to History and are extinct or on path to extinction.

In the meantime, Mozilla brought Firefox to the masses and its rendering engine, Gecko, has the power to fuel a next-generation wysiwyg editor for the World Wide Web. This editor is BlueGriffon™. Stay tuned !


TextUML Toolkit, use a textual notation for creating UML class diagrams faster

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TextUML Toolkit is an open-source IDE for UML that lets you create models at the same speed you write code. By adopting a textual notation, the TextUML Toolkit provides benefits you will not get elsewhere

Text ftw!


Dashboard - Public Liip Wiki

This is the public wiki for Flux CMS and Bitflux Editor and other Open Source projects by Liip AG

more FOSS

TeXSLMate :: XSLT/XQuery Plugin for TextMate

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Turn TextMate into an XSTL/XQuery editor/debugger.

need (to give it a try)!


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