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DjangoCon wrapup at Spindrop

If Twisted Matrix was implemented in Ruby it would be advertised as the second coming of Christ.

Spawning Django - Die in a Fire - Eric Florenzano’s Blog

On my Apache mod_wsgi setup, I got 235.65 requests per second. That was really good, I thought! However, with the Spawning setup, I got 347.20 requests per second.

another way of deploying WSGI apps with graceful code reloading.


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A world-class geographic web framework

Django using adapted to a GIS backend (like PostGIS)

2008 : Django performance tips

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some notes on how we tweak our servers to get that type of high performance.

nice Django tips.

django-rosetta - Google Code

A Django application that eases to translation process of your Django projects

Marco powa


django-evolution - Google Code

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Django Evolution is an extension to Django that allows you to track changes in your models over time, and to update the database to reflect those changes.

Freelance Django, enfin indépendant - Biologeek : Ubuntu, bio-informatique et geekeries libres d'un bio-informaticien au quotidien.

À force d'être convié à des projets tous plus intéressants les uns que les autres, j'ai décidé de me mettre à mon compte pour faire ce que j'aime : développer des applications web de qualité avec Django.

Bravo à toi David, excellente continuation.

Cyberdelia » Blog » Django & Capistrano

Capistrano se veut flexible, voici donc comment le rendre capable de déployer une application Django.

The Django ORM Problem - 204 No Content Blog

That's cause Django gets the model definition language right - they're just using the wrong underlying library.

A very interesting article about Django ORM, what to keep and what to borrows from somewhere else.

Django snippets: Sphinx Search ORM

An ORM model for the Sphinx full-text search engine.

Django Master Class

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The point of this tutorial is to introduce you to the features of Django that the experts know.

Undelete in Django | Nathan Ostgard

“Never use a warning when you mean undo.”

Django snippets: Switch/case tags.

Meant mostly as a demo of how to do complex block tags, here's a switch/case implementation.

Same Con to Hoyci » Using Capistrano to Deploy Django Apps

Capistrano is a great tool for automating tasks on one or more remote servers.

django-logging - Google Code

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A Django wrapper to Python's logging module

Django | Documentation | Testing Django applications

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A test case for a database-backed website isn't much use if there isn't any data in the database.

easier to post to than a wiki: Using pexpect to control Django

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Pexpect, is a pure python module for running external commands and controlling them as if you were a user.

ModelInheritance - Django Code - Trac

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This is a proposal for how subclassing should work in Django.

Django snippets: Welcome

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A site for users of the Django web framework to come together and share useful "snippets" of reusable code.

Django cheat sheet (Mercurytide)

We’ve created a one-page Django cheat sheet

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