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Michel de Guilhermier's Blog: Photoways : ma Fierté, le Tissu Relationnel ! !

Maintenant, si la qualité du relationnel est toujours un élément important, cette importance varie en fonction des métiers. Pour ceux qui induisent une forte récurrence d'achat dans l'année (ie Photoways), et/ou qui comportent une part d'émotionnel et de subjectif dans l'acte d'achat (ie secteur habillement/chaussures), c'est strictement vital.

Customer-centered Business - Peter Drucker and Web Marketing | Management Tools for Startups and Small Businesses

What is our business is not determined by the producer but by the consumer. It is not defined by the company’s name, statutes, or articles of incorporation but by the want the consumer satisfies when he buys a product or service. The question can therefore be answered only by looking at the business from the outside, from the point of view of the customer and the market what the consumer sees, thinks, believes and wants at any given time must be accepted by management is an objective fact deserving to be taken as seriously as the reports of a salesman, the tests of the engineer or the figures of the accountant — something few managements find it easy to do. In management must make a conscious effort to get honest answers from the consumer himself rather than attempt to read his mind.

Computerworld > Why Opera isn’t planning to go open source

We support open source in that we offer a better browser for Linux, Opera CTO Hakon Wium Lie told me in a recent meeting at the InfoWorld offices. But we haven’t found a business model that allows us to go fully open source.

Something old, but I recently talked with Batiste about this : How would Opera be if they had go Open Source before Firefox got (relatively) huge?

Polymorph: Hacking Business Models

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  • Create a sustainable business model that can be adopted and adapted by others.
  • Create a fair and democratic company that is owned by the workers.
  • Have long-term, trustworthy and meaningful relationships with our staff and customers.

Nice essay about how to found a company and rule it.


Why we bill by the hour - The Squeejee Blog

Squeejee believes that billing hourly offers more flexibility and cost savings for our client and is fair to us. Now that’s a win-win.

Elegant Code » Why Agile Doesn’t Really Work

Build your business practices to embrace change just like your Agile development practices do. Embrace continuous integration of the enterprise, not just your source code.

yes, embrace it


10 Absolute "No's!" for Freelancers : Freelance Blog Passive Income

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Anyways, now four years later, my world (AND financial success) now requires ample use of the answer "No." And here are ten questions I nearly always answer "No" to

and don't forget to mention that you are too expensive. - Low Pro Behaviours 101

explaining all this business with Low Pro and ‘behaviours’

APML - Attention Profiling Mark-up Language

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The idea is to boil down all forms of Attention Data – including Browser History, OPML, Attention.XML, Email etc – to a portable file format containing a description of ranked user interests.


Creating Passionate Users: Add graphics to your blog, book, or presentation

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A cool how-to get cool presentation that people will remember.



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