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September 2008

simpledb-dev - Google Code

SimpleDB/dev provides a local SimpleDB server, so you can develop offline, without even currently having a SimpleDB account.

a nice usage of

March 2008

Amazon S3 Security « poeticcode

You can’t call a system secure unless it’s really secure.

S3 isn't secure.

October 2007

Amazon Web Services Blog: Start-Up Project Customer Presentations Rock!

These presentations have a ton of "Lessons Learned" embedded within. Each presentation is filled with Best Practices, reference-architecture diagrams, approximate monthly bill they paid to Amazon, and some simply cool strategies. These are experiences from those who are running Amazon Web Services in Production.

with the audio.

April 2007

Amazon Web Services Blog: New Video: EC2 Ruby Elastic Rails Capistrano = Scalability

AWS developer shows how to use Elastic Rails and Capistrano to create and deploy Ruby on Rails applications.

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