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Disco is an open-source implementation of the Map-Reduce framework for distributed computing. As the original framework, Disco supports parallel computations over large data sets on unreliable cluster of computers.

The Disco core is written in Erlang, a functional language that is designed for building robust fault-tolerant distributed applications. Users of Disco typically write jobs in Python, which makes it possible to express even complex algorithms or data processing tasks often only in tens of lines of code. This means that you can quickly write scripts to process massive amounts of data.

Disco was started at Nokia Research Center as a lightweight framework for rapid scripting of distributed data processing tasks. This far Disco has been succesfully used, for instance, in parsing and reformatting data, data clustering, probabilistic modelling, data mining, full-text indexing, and log analysis with hundreds of gigabytes of real-world data.

Erlang + Python = complete beautifulness


teideal glic deisbhéalach » Blog Archive » Collaborative filtering made easy

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a Python implementation of Daniel Lemire’s Weighted Slope One collaborative filtering

a simple overview of collaborative filtering

Google Code for Educators - Google: MapReduce in a Week

his page contains a comprehensive introduction to MapReduce including lectures, reading material, and programming assignments.

[Xiru].org — Python Genetic Algorithms

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nice quote in the header, need to give it a look.


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