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ARQ - Property Paths

A property path expression (or just 'path') is similar to a string regular expression but over properties, not characters. ARQ determines all matches of a path expression and binds subject or object as appropriate. Only one match is recorded - no duplicates for any given path expression, although is the path is used in a situation where it's initial points is already repeated in a pattern, then this duplication is preserved.

RegExp ou XPath appliqué à un graphe? Intéressant, mais peut-être abscons.

Implementation Survey

This implementation report summarizes results from 14 implementations of the SPARQL Query Language for RDF against the RDF Data Access Working Group's query language test suite.

RAP and RDFLib aren't the better ones



Carmen is an application server driven by RDF, N3, OWL and SPARQL and based on Twisted.

Dojo Data

The module provides datastore objects which a JavaScript program can use to access a variety of different data sources.


GRDDL RDFa Example

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The digital library use case is a typical example of a scenario where a publisher of distributed web content meant for both human and machine consumption:

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