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October 2009

Gentoo Optimizations Benchmarked | Linux Magazine

Although we are not comparing apples to apples, Gentoo did out-perform Ubuntu in almost every test, and sometimes by a fair margin. It does appear that optimizing for a specific CPU can yield a decent performance increase.

Of course, Gentoo offers benefits in other areas with their USE flags and being able to build a highly customized system. The question is whether the amount of time it takes is worth the benefit, and that’s a personal choice.

High Performance Web Sites :: @font-face and performance

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A quick survey shows that seven of the Alexa U.S. top ten web sites have a SCRIPT tag above their stylesheets or STYLE blocks: AOL, Facebook, Google, Bing, MSN, MySpace, and Yahoo!. These web sites don’t currently use @font-face, but if they did, they would experience the IE blocked rendering problem. This raises the concern that other web sites that are early adopters of @font-face have a SCRIPT tag above @font-face and their IE users run the risk of experiencing blocked rendering.

September 2009

The Art of zen-coding: Bringing Snippets to a New Level - Monday By Noon

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The biggest calling point for zen-coding for me is its implementation of HTML selectors as snippet triggers. zen-coding includes an entirely new angle to writing markup, and it facilitates the feature by letting you write HTML based on CSS selectors

Exists for a wide range of editors, if you like snippets.

Build Product, Not PowerPoint (Even If You're Non-Technical)

And if you can't code, and you can't get brilliant coders to like and respect you, you probably shouldn't be an entrepreneur. There's no shame in being aware of your own abilities and steering your career accordingly.

DjangoCon wrapup at Spindrop

If Twisted Matrix was implemented in Ruby it would be advertised as the second coming of Christ.

Tornado Web Server Documentation

Tornado comes with limited support for WSGI. However, since WSGI does not support non-blocking requests, you cannot use any of the asynchronous/non-blocking features of Tornado in your application if you choose to use WSGI instead of Tornado's HTTP server. Some of the features that are not available in WSGI applications: @tornado.web.asynchronous, the httpclient module, and the auth module.

in other words: WSGI sucks

August 2009


Modern startups should only have two departments: the problem team (people in contact with customers and prospective customers, understanding and learning from their needs) and the solutions team (engineers designing and building solutions to those problems).

Johnny Holland - It’s all about interaction » Blog Archive » The iPhone is Not Easy to Use: A New Direction for UX Design

For every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and SNAP! The job’s a game!

My grand-father was saying: life is a game

An Alternative to Agile Adoption “Cookbooks” - Flow, Pull, Innovate | Agile Blog: Scaling Software Agility

I’ve written previously about my allergic reaction to process maturity models for Agile development. Based on 5 years of empirical feedback being a part of or watching what  succeeds versus falls back, I do not believe their is a “cookbook” for Agile adoption

no cookbook

Dive Into HTML 5

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by Mark Pilgrim

Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!

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Oh Hello! Welcome to my guide to Erlang! This guide is intended to be read by beginners, but if you're average or somewhat advanced you can probably learn a few things too! If you're too good for that, please help me when you find errors; you can also send me suggestions at mononcqc at gmail dot com or find me on #erlang (under the nickname MononcQc). Also, check out my twitter! Good read to you!

Dégage, sale programmeur ! « Codingly

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Programmeur : n.m. Celui dont le métier est de rédiger des programmes informatiques. Le plus souvent, jeune diplômé, ou chef de projet raté. Syn. loser. Ex. Tu crains comme un programmeur.

Un chef de projet peut également être un développeur raté.

Accueil / News

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Le but de l’IILaR est de promouvoir la méthodologie de La RACHE. La RACHE, solution globale de génie logiciel, est un ensemble de techniques, de méthodes et de bonnes pratiques décrivant - des spécification à la maintenance - comment produire du logiciel dans des conditions à peu près satisfaisantes et approximativement optimales.

Joseph's Blog - RabbitMQ, AMQP gem, and EventMachine

RabbitMQ 1.6 has an option to set a pre-fetch limit. So we simply set the pre-fetch limit to 1, and our EventMachine loop runs nice and fast now. You'll want to tweak your pre-fetch limit depending on how long it takes to process each message. If you can churn through a hundred messages a second, you probably won't even notice this problem and the prefetching will help you, but if it takes you a few seconds (or minutes) per message, you'll wonder why things aren't popped off the queue for several minutes (or hours).

July 2009

Michel de Guilhermier's Blog: Photoways : ma Fierté, le Tissu Relationnel ! !

Maintenant, si la qualité du relationnel est toujours un élément important, cette importance varie en fonction des métiers. Pour ceux qui induisent une forte récurrence d'achat dans l'année (ie Photoways), et/ou qui comportent une part d'émotionnel et de subjectif dans l'acte d'achat (ie secteur habillement/chaussures), c'est strictement vital.

Customer-centered Business - Peter Drucker and Web Marketing | Management Tools for Startups and Small Businesses

What is our business is not determined by the producer but by the consumer. It is not defined by the company’s name, statutes, or articles of incorporation but by the want the consumer satisfies when he buys a product or service. The question can therefore be answered only by looking at the business from the outside, from the point of view of the customer and the market what the consumer sees, thinks, believes and wants at any given time must be accepted by management is an objective fact deserving to be taken as seriously as the reports of a salesman, the tests of the engineer or the figures of the accountant — something few managements find it easy to do. In management must make a conscious effort to get honest answers from the consumer himself rather than attempt to read his mind.

The Kickstarter Blog - Kickstarter and the 1,000 True Fans

From the beginning, we’ve encouraged creators to tap into their networks as much as possible: there’s clearly a desire from audiences for greater interaction, more access, a more intimate relationship. Twitter has demonstrated that. And so what Kickstarter does is answer the next part of that question: once you have your 10 or 100 or 1,000 or even 1,000,000 True Fans, what comes next?

You allow them a seat at the table. You invite them to become your patrons. You give them an opportunity to have an impact and it’s not just your story anymore, it’s theirs too. And that’s the kind of success that lasts.

Watching nginx upstreams with collectd | Be the signal

if you can’t sensibly watch it, you can’t sensibly deploy it

Message Queue Evaluation Notes - Second Life Wiki

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One of the infrastructure tools that we've identified for the future internal architecture of Second Life is messaging. Message queuing systems allow systems that send messages to not have to worry about how they will be delivered, and allow consumers of messages to gather whichever ones interest them, at their own pace.

And the winner is… - Transform CSS into line style attributes with lxml.html - (Peter Bengtsson on Python, Zope, Kung Fu, London and photos)

by 1 other takes a HTML page, finds all CSS blocks and transforms these into style attributes.

a must have nowadays!


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a port from ies4linux

June 2009

toolmantim's bananajour at master - GitHub

Local git repository hosting with a sexy web interface and bonjour discovery. It's like your own little adhoc, network-aware github!

Distributed github in a way.

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