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THE SOURCE | Conversations with DOUG AITKEN

a series of candid video conversations with several dozen noteworthy figures about their creative process


Experiments in Interactive Documentary « The Pixel Report

Ingrid Kopp, Head of Digital Initiatives at Tribeca Film Institute, looks at what robots, coal miners and mobile phones have taught us along the way in her Conference presentation Experiments in Interactive Design. Find out what they are in the video below…

I Love Your Work · An interactive film by Jonathan Harris

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I Love Your Work is an interactive documentary about the private lives of nine women who make lesbian porn. It consists of 2,202 10-second video clips, taken at five-minute intervals over 10 consecutive days. The full interactive website is limited to just 10 viewers per day, and tickets cost $10 each.



With broadband came a new breed of documentaries, educational stories and advertizements that are interactive, rich audio-visual experiences. But until now these projects had to be build from the ground up by people with design and programming skills. Not anymore. Storyplanet wants to introduce an easy way to mix media, design and online services into interactive stories that can be published to multiple platforms and devices.

For years I’ve used the lens of a television camera to tell the stories of homelessness and the organizations trying to help. That was part of my job. The reports were produced well and told a story, but the stories you see on this site are much different. These are the real people, telling their own, very real stories… unedited, uncensored and raw.


Minimovies - A new series of documentaries made for the digital age

A Minimovie is an episodic documentary consisting of a series of 8 to 10 episodes of 3 to 7 minutes each. Put together, the episodes form a self-contained story.

Rethink Afghanistan

Collateral damage means dead civilians. These casualties are the direct result of U.S. foreign policy and military operations funded by our tax dollars. We must speak out against civilian casualties in Afghanistan.