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June 2009

Dans ma Bibliothèque

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Dans ma bibliothèque est un blog vidéo qui va à la rencontre des créateurs français (auteurs, journalistes,photographes, musiciens) pour qu’ils vous fassent partager ce que contiennent leurs bibliothèques. Pas simplement des livres, mais de la musique, des petits objets…etc

March 2009

Be A Nose!

Art Spiegelman, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Maus, creator of Wacky Packs and the Garbage Pail Kids, and father of the modern graphic novel (though hes still demanding a blood test), presents this warts-and-all reproduction of his private sketchbooks — and the results are as candid, sharp, and funny as the relentlessly innovative man behind them. BE A NOSE! is a rare glimpse into the secret scribblings of an American original.