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Thought Maybe

Thought Maybe is an online library of films focused on topics challenging modern society, industrial civilisation, globalisation and dominant culture. This space is an independent and autonomous resource to inform, inspire and provoke action. It’s not like other websites...


‘Congo - The Road to Ruin’ -

This Op-Doc video shows just one scene from a violent saga that has consumed the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1998.


Made In Quebec | Créateur de richesse(s)

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portraits d'entrepreneurs responsables réalisés par Chloé Touchais & Aurélia Blanc.


9/11 Attacks - 102 Minutes That Changed America

For 102 minutes on September 11, 2001, the world looked on in horror as terrorists flew hijacked passenger planes into New York City's mighty twin towers, destroying the iconic buildings and killing more than 2,700 people. Watch unfiltered videos from nine New Yorkers who witnessed the day that changed America.

While We Sleep — Night Shift Workers

The jobs of some take care of us in ways we don't often stop to think about. Life doesn't pause when we turn out our lights and go to sleep. There are about 3 percent of Americans who work night-shift jobs between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m., according to a 2007 report by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Graveyard-shift employees drive police cars, stock grocery shelves, care for the sick and injured, repair roads, brew coffee - they labor at night so the rest of us can make it through our days.

the human project

THE HUMAN PROJECT is a series of experimental art documentaries that explore the absurdity of life and the human condition. Each segment examines the stories of several people who have shared a common life experience.

Sparrow Songs

Sparrow Songs is a project in which filmmaker Alex Jablonski and cinematographer Michael Totten make and exhibit one short documentary per month, every month for one year.


Vivez en temps réel 24h de la vie d'un sans-abri. Une caméra a été intégré à la monture de ses lunettes de façon à ce que vous voyiez exactement ce qu'il voit.

For years I’ve used the lens of a television camera to tell the stories of homelessness and the organizations trying to help. That was part of my job. The reports were produced well and told a story, but the stories you see on this site are much different. These are the real people, telling their own, very real stories… unedited, uncensored and raw. - VideoZone - William and the Windmill

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His name is William Kamkwamba, and his story is nothing short of remarkable. Using scraps from a local junkyard in Malawi, he created something that harnessed the wind – and changed his life. By Lucas Oleniuk and Randy Risling.



More than 70,000 advertising professionals have lost their jobs in this “Great Recession.” Lemonade is about what happens when people who were once paid to be creative in advertising are forced to be creative with their own lives.

Rethink Afghanistan

Collateral damage means dead civilians. These casualties are the direct result of U.S. foreign policy and military operations funded by our tax dollars. We must speak out against civilian casualties in Afghanistan.

Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films

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Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films are at the forefront of the fight to create a just America, and we want you to join us. Using new media and internet video campaigns, Brave New Films has created a quick-strike capability that informs the public, challenges corporate media with the truth, and motivates people to take action on social issues nationwide.

Us Now : Home

A film project about the power of mass collaboration, government and the internet

Wait For Me (3 Minute Documentary) on Vimeo

In 1985, a young man from a well-to-do family took a bicycle trip across southern Europe, wandered into Bangladesh, traveled through India, and vanished while hiking in the rugged foothills of the Himalayas. He was never seen or heard from again. "Wait For Me" is the story of a mother’s spiritual and emotional search for her son—a ceaseless emotional trek, propelled by an unconditional love and an unwavering belief that he may still be alive. This is a three minute piece but a much longer version is in production.



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La nouvelle offre éducative de France 5 centrée autour de la vidéo. Les vidéos sont issues de sources multiples : chaînes de télévision dont France 5, producteurs indépendants, institutions, etc. et ont en commun : * une durée limitée de deux à six minutes pour une meilleure facilité d’utilisation, * d'être pérennes, pour une information durable et fiable dans le temps, * d'être claires et explicites