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Le Miroir

Un chouette court-métrage de Ramon & Pedro (Antoine Tinguely et Laurent Fauchère). Le film s’appelle Le Miroir et montre la vie d’un homme de son enfance à sa vieillesse. Quatre comédiens jouent le rôle de Louis, dont l’inattendu Henri Dès (l’homme qui chante habituellement pour les enfants). Le court-métrage a obtenu le prix du court le plus créatif au Shanghai International Film Festival et le prix du public du Festival de Curtmetratges de Manlleu (Espagne).


Montblanc - The beauty of a second

Un contest organisé par la marque Mont-Blanc The Beauty of a Second, proposant aux candidats d’envoyer des vidéos d’une seconde qui pourraient selon-eux exprimer la beauté.


Viewers can interact with two actors and hear their train of thoughts either simultaneously or separately, depending on how they move the dial. Together it truly does make for a jumbled audio track, but I really like this idea of enabling users to alter the storyline by providing synced but separate audio tracks.


Struck The Film

On his way to work one day, Joel (Bodhi Elfman) is impaled through the chest by a three-foot arrow. But it doesn’t harm him. And it won’t come out. So Joel has to learn to deal – both with his newfound protrusion, and his own painful loneliness. He tries to go to work, to date women, but no one seems ready to accept his strange flaw. Little does he know, his life is about to change forever...

Tight Shorts | The Online Short Film Festival

Tight Shorts is looking to find high quality narrative based short-short films . Everyone likes to see nice, tight, well made shorts! ; )



"L'amie De Zoé" is an animated short story about friendship. Life in Zoé's world is green and ordinary. When a red family unexpectedly lands on her planet, Zoé makes a new friend. While teaching her friend, Maho, all about her world, Zoé realizes that being green is not ordinary to everyone.

Food Fight

Food Fight is an abridged history of American-centric war, from World War II to present day, told through the foods of the countries in conflict. Watch as traditional comestibles slug it out for world domination in this chronologically re-enacted smorgasbord of aggressio