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Caption, translate, subtitle and transcribe video. Amara makes video globally accessible


LookAt - Video Collaboration

THE COLLABORATIVE CLOUD FOR VIDEO MAKERS The Easiest Way for Video Makers to Share and Discuss Work in Progress


Caption, translate, subtitle and transcribe video.


Audio Transcription Services: MP3s, Video and more...

Thought Maybe

Thought Maybe is an online library of films focused on topics challenging modern society, industrial civilisation, globalisation and dominant culture. This space is an independent and autonomous resource to inform, inspire and provoke action. It’s not like other websites...


 A crime fiction game with non-linear storytelling, Her Story revolves around a police database full of live action video footage.

Be My Eyes ~ Lend Your Eyes to the Blind

Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat. Download now and start helping blind people see.


The Nicest Place on the Inernet

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Having one of those days? Yeah, been there too. And sometimes, a little pick-me-up is hard to come by. So come on by to turn the sad into happy and the happy into a celebration. Cause this is a nice place to visit on days like today.

The 20 Most Powerful Storytelling Videos of 2013 | Blog

Animated videos are quickly becoming a leading medium of choice for impactful story telling. That’s hardly surprising, considering how difficult it is to grab – and hold! – the attention of an audience these days.

living with lag

One of the biggest disturbances on the internet is lag. It is often associated with a slow internet connection, usually resulting in delays, buffering, pixels and frozen screens. Unfortunately, many have accepted lag as a part of their everyday lives, mainly because they don’t know that there actually is another option.

Girl Walk // All Day

Girl Walk // All Day is a feature-length dance music video and tale of urban exploration that follows three dancers across New York City. They turn the city's sidewalks, parks, and architecture into an evolving stage as they spread their joy of movement.

Silent Circle | Private Communications

The World's Most Secure Solution in Mobile Privacy Send Peer-to-Peer Encrypted Texts, Phone Calls, Video Calls, and File Transfers from Your Mobile Device.

Quietest Show on Earth

The idea was to host a series of intimate acoustic performances in the middle of national parks for tiny audiences of just ten people per show, and then use the content created from these exclusive experiences to raise support for the park system. By collaborating with musicians Andrew Bird and Tift Merritt for the inaugural show, we were able to breathe new life and relevance into this issue.

Quietest Show on Earth

Check out The Quietest Show on Earth and listen to Andrew Bird and Tift Merritt in a unique music performance in the Mojave Desert – all to celebrate and support America’s national parks.

THE SOURCE | Conversations with DOUG AITKEN

a series of candid video conversations with several dozen noteworthy figures about their creative process


Experiments in Interactive Documentary « The Pixel Report

Ingrid Kopp, Head of Digital Initiatives at Tribeca Film Institute, looks at what robots, coal miners and mobile phones have taught us along the way in her Conference presentation Experiments in Interactive Design. Find out what they are in the video below…

One War Veteran's Inspiring Source for Comedy

Bobby Henline was the sole survivor of a roadside bombing in Iraq. A third of his body was burned. Now a stand-up comedian, he has turned pain into humor and hope

9 tools for journalists to produce immersive stories | Media news |

A collection of platforms which are centred on making text, images and video more visually captivating, interactive and immersive

Les Manufactures

Plate-forme de visionnage, location et partage de vidéo à la demande des éditions Montparnasse.

Opinion: What games can learn from experimental theater | Polygon

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I didn't realize what I want from video games until I saw experimental theater.

Animoto - Make & Share Beautiful Videos Online

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Create extraordinary videos of your life Welcome to the most beautiful way to share your photos & videos online.