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Scale Model

There are thousands of communities on Twitter. They post millions of messages every day. They share passions, interests and have distinct celebrities - or influencers. Scale Model finds these communities and delivers targeted messages through Twitter’s advertising API.

SAM | Social Asset Management

Search, Curate and Publish Social Media Content


Known: a social publishing platform

Create your space for sharing content and discussing ideas

Cloak - Incognito mode for real life

Avoid exes, co-workers, that guy who likes to stop and chat— anyone you'd rather not run into.


Replace anything you want in your social feeds with things you'd rather see, like cats.


Your Feed - Shopcade: Your Personal Shopping App

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Welcome to your personal shopping app. Discover new products, create lists of the things you want, and get exclusive deals.

Telly - Videos You'll Love

Telly’s mission is simple: To only play videos you’ll love. Discover all the videos your friends are enjoying across the web, as well as today’s most popular videos. Our fast growing community of over 7 million members is using Telly to discover and share great videos on our website and mobile



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The social media hub for hashtags


Our social networks are noisy, and only getting worse -- it’s a constant leakage of great content. Undrip stops that leaky faucet. We make it easy to discover the best of what your friends are sharing from around the web.

Stage 32

The Stage 32 community is strictly for people working in or with a desire to work in film or theater. It’s a place to gather, to discuss and develop projects, to join actor with director, director with producer, producer with cast and crew.


Infomous is an interactive text visualization technology that is changing the way publishers deliver content to their users. Infomous empowers users with an interactive navigation experience that allows them to visualize the content they are exploring. By clicking on relevant words, users can find related articles, tweets and blog posts quickly and easily. Double-clicking a word narrows the visualization to related words.


Life Stream

Social Networks Hub for Mac

Semiocast — Accueil

outils de veille des réseaux sociaux


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Be the curator of your favorite topic! | Create your topic-centric media by collecting gems among relevant social media streams Publish it to people sharing the same interest


Causecast | United We Serve

initiative sponsored by the Corporation of National and Community Service inspired by President Obama's call to participate in our nation’s recovery and renewal by serving in our communities. Please use this site to learn about volunteer opportunities in your area and about Do-It-Yourself Service Projects you can undertake for the benefit of your community.


Causecast is an online global community and social action network that empowers individuals, businesses and nonprofits with media and tools that transform interest into action. We believe that the people of this country are its greatest resource and that together, this summer of service will change the course of history.


Shownar tracks the online buzz around BBC shows. It's an experimental prototype

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