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The Horizon Factory - Empowering New Media

Our platform lets you take all of your content - words, images, videos, music, social media, and nearly any other kind of media - and bring it all together to create your own mobile and tablet app. Pick from our templates or customize your own menus, controls, buttons, and branding. Add special features such as scripts, director’s commentary, behind-the-scenes galleries, alternate endings, and more. Then send it off to the app stores of your choosing. All in under a day - no coding required.

BBC Taster - Digital Me

Meet your Digital Me, created from your social media posts, by Sandra Gaudenzi and Mike Robbin.

guardian/grid · GitHub

Grid is the Guardian’s new image management system, which provides a universal and fast experience accessing media that is organised and using it in an affordable way to produce high-quality content.

Hello life

mieux gérer son budget grâce à nos conseils

2014 : Create and share your digital world

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Create a gorgeous free website in minutes, bringing together your social media updates, photos, videos and more into a unified web presence.

Facebook Media

Explore how public figures and media organizations are using Facebook in extraordinary ways.

Contextly - Build Your Audience

Build Your Audience -via- Awesome Content Recommendations With Contextly, publishers can add recommended content widgets at the end of their posts, and there are additional tools for adding links and sidebars. Singel said the technology looks at a number of different factors — including tags, links, and “semantic similarities” — to figure out which other articles to recommend. It combines all of those approaches, tests out different “weighting” systems, and goes with the combination that’s most effective. (Singel noted that articles can attract different types of readers over time, so the strategy can also change.)

Recherche confiance, désespérément ! | Meta-media | La révolution de l'information

L’après Snowden : la surveillance de masse n’est plus de la science fiction, mais un problème social et politique à résoudre

Hexagones - révéler la France telle qu'elle est.

Hexagones est un site d’information national implanté en région, payant et sans publicité. Hexagones proposera de l'investigation, des enquêtes, des reportages aux citoyens pour comprendre la France telle qu'elle est, et mieux décrypter les enjeux à venir.

E-newsletters: still a ‘powerful medium’ for engagement | Media news

Although email may be the 'unsexy older cousin' of social media networks, newsletters can still be an effective tool for engaging readers

Hi — Capture. Write. Publish.

A community of writers, journalists, journalers, illustrators, photographers, travelers, poets, and musicians exploring the world, and sharing those explorations through images and text.

1979 Revolution

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Starting its own revolution, 1979 Revolution pushes the boundaries of premium gaming. Offering mature narrative, with new media storytelling (historical assets, documentary content, graphic novel cinematics) and both suspenseful and engaging gameplay. All the while, natively designed for the touchscreen, 1979 allows wider audiences accessibility to the experience.

What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong |

66% of attention on a normal media page is spent below the fold

Better Social Media Marketing Automation | BuzzFork

BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE Attract and understand engaged followers, brand advocates and customers today.

CNRS le journal

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Donner du sens à la science

The Intercept

Our short-term mission is to provide a platform to report on the documents previously provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Although we are still building our infrastructure and larger vision, we are launching now because we believe we have a vital obligation to this ongoing and evolving story, to these documents, and to the public.


9 tools for journalists to produce immersive stories | Media news |

A collection of platforms which are centred on making text, images and video more visually captivating, interactive and immersive

The 15 Things I've Learned about Transmedia Storytelling | Filmmakers, Film Industry, Film Festivals, Awards & Movie Reviews | Indiewire

ngrid Kopp, the Tribeca Film Institute's Director of Digital Initiatives, recently shared her wisdom garnered over the year's she has spent in the transmedia world in a presentation for the X Media Lab conference in Switzerland.  While her initial presentation (available via SlideShare at the bottom of this post) had ten lessons learned, she's expanded on the original list with five additional dollops of wisdom.

Carte blanche à Arte : Expérimenter, inventer, innover - les webproductions d’ARTE | Forum d'Avignon

Nos pratiques culturelles changent. Jamais auparavant, nous avons eu autant de manières différentes de raconter des histoires, de les produire, de les diffuser et de les consommer.


THE EVOLUTION OF RICH MEDIA ADVERTISING Multi-screen, HTML5 advertising solutions and services for all modern devices.

Brickflow - Turn your media into memorable stories

Brickflow is an app for making curated social media slideshows in seconds. Build memorable stories and collections with content from Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and more. It’s just like playing with Legos.

The 9 Things Every Interactive Media Producer Should Think About Before Creating

The documentary filmmakers and media producers who are venturing out into the world of transmedia or interactive storytelling have advanced storytelling, but have spent much time, elbow grease, and sweat on their projects.  As more producers seek to make more dynamic interactive projects, what should they keep in mind?  Here are 9 things to keep in mind.

MOYEN COURRIER | Essais & documentaires littéraires

Moyen-Courrier est une­ maison d’édition­ qui publie des essais et des documentaires littéraires – ce que les Américains­ appellent crea­tive non­fiction. Essai personnel, récit aux allures de reportage, histoire de procès, enquête scientifique ou exploration des confins de la vie quotidienne, les textes que nous publions sont hors genre, écrits par des écrivains, des journalistes, des écrivains-journalistes et des journalistes-écrivains. Plus longs qu’un ­article et plus courts qu’un ­roman, nos textes se lisent en moins de deux heures sur tablette, ­liseuse ou smartphone.

Le Quatre Heures

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Chaque mercredi, à 16 heures pile, Le Quatre Heures propose un grand reportage multimédia. Une nouvelle expérience narrative qui entremêle texte, photo, vidéo et son dans une lecture fluide, en immersion et sans aucun clic. Un récit au long cours, surprenant, spectaculaire, à déguster confortablement installé.