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Weapons of Reason

Weapons of Reason is an eight-issue publishing venture to understand and articulate the interconnected global issues shaping our world


WONDEREUR: The best artists to watch.

Every other week, discover an artist's work and dive into the inspiration, process and stories behind the art

uncube magazine

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uncube is a new digital magazine for architecture and beyond.architecture, design, products, materials –

Why tablet magazines are a failure — Tech News and Analysis

Dedicated magazine apps for tablets may look good, but I fear they’re headed straight to oblivion.


Aeon Magazine – the digital magazine of ideas and culture

Aeon is an online magazine about nature, culture and ideas. Every weekday we publish a long-form essay, free to all.

Epic Magazine


Longform App for iPad

The only magazine app you'll ever need.


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Prss is a publishing tool that uses the amazing possibilities of iPad and soon iPhone. Prss will be a publishing platform for the whole world. And will be FREE. Soon everybody can create amazing magazines in Newsstand. Say 'Hello' to the next revolution in magazine publishing.

Ben Trovato - Fashion Editorial Magazine

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Ben Trovato is the independent online publication dedicated to discovering and showcasing the works of some of the most promising talents in fashion photography and film from around the world. It has become a world provenance for fashion media, an unbeatable source of talent and inspiration.

Katachi Magazine

Katachi Magazine is created exclusively for the iPad. There's no print siblings to hold it back, no foster parents to relate to; only the tablet and the magazine.

Magazine — Read & Trust

The Read & Trust Magazine is a gathering place for some of the best independent writers on the Internet. Each month, five of our members tackle a new, thought-provoking topic. Past topics included Staying Creative, Music, Working from Home and many others.


The Magazine

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The Magazine publishes about four medium-length articles every two weeks on a wide variety of subjects, generally for geeks and curious people.


Symbolia is a bi-monthly digital magazine dedicated to incendiary storytelling from around the world. We’re merging longform journalism and sequential art to create an entirely new digital news experience. Subscriptions are $11.99 for 6 issues, and single issues will be available for $2.99 a pop. Our preview issue is free, and comes with any subscription.

The new Volvo FH

To mark the launch of the completely redesigned highway locomotive, we developed an interactive magazine and created an online experience never seen before in the category.

Inquire | The magazine of inquisitive journalism & intelligent photography.

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Inquire – previously named Auto de Fe – is a cross-platform magazine of inquisitive journalism and intelligent photography. We publish investigative reporting, compelling reportage, multimedia, interviews, profiles and in-depth photojournalism from around the world.

Écriture-Vidéoludique – Mutations culturelles issues du jeu vidéo

EV se conçoit comme un terrain de jeu pour les collaborateurs. L’expérience de lecture découle du jeu des mises en page. Images, textes, sons, vidéos composent un digital playground for video game culture.

Granta Magazine

Granta is a literary magazine and publisher in the United Kingdom whose mission centers on its "belief in the power and urgency of the story, both in fiction and non-fiction, and the story’s supreme ability to describe, illuminate and make real."[2] In 2007, The Observer stated, "In its blend of memoirs and photojournalism, and in its championing of contemporary realist fiction, Granta has its face pressed firmly against the window, determined to witness the world.

Project Unbreakable

Project Unbreakable was created in October of 2011 by Grace Brown. Grace works with survivors of sexual assault, photographing them holding a poster with a quote from their attacker. Grace has photographed over two hundred people and has received over a thousand submissions. TIME magazine has also named it one of the top 30 Tumblr blogs to follow.

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Fashion News, Latest Trends, Catwalk Photos & Designers


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Design Code & Theory