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WONDEREUR: The best artists to watch.

Every other week, discover an artist's work and dive into the inspiration, process and stories behind the art

Why tablet magazines are a failure — Tech News and Analysis

Dedicated magazine apps for tablets may look good, but I fear they’re headed straight to oblivion.


Longform App for iPad

The only magazine app you'll ever need.


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Prss is a publishing tool that uses the amazing possibilities of iPad and soon iPhone. Prss will be a publishing platform for the whole world. And will be FREE. Soon everybody can create amazing magazines in Newsstand. Say 'Hello' to the next revolution in magazine publishing.

Katachi Magazine

Katachi Magazine is created exclusively for the iPad. There's no print siblings to hold it back, no foster parents to relate to; only the tablet and the magazine.


The Magazine

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The Magazine publishes about four medium-length articles every two weeks on a wide variety of subjects, generally for geeks and curious people.


Symbolia is a bi-monthly digital magazine dedicated to incendiary storytelling from around the world. We’re merging longform journalism and sequential art to create an entirely new digital news experience. Subscriptions are $11.99 for 6 issues, and single issues will be available for $2.99 a pop. Our preview issue is free, and comes with any subscription.

Inquire | The magazine of inquisitive journalism & intelligent photography.

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Inquire – previously named Auto de Fe – is a cross-platform magazine of inquisitive journalism and intelligent photography. We publish investigative reporting, compelling reportage, multimedia, interviews, profiles and in-depth photojournalism from around the world.

Écriture-Vidéoludique – Mutations culturelles issues du jeu vidéo

EV se conçoit comme un terrain de jeu pour les collaborateurs. L’expérience de lecture découle du jeu des mises en page. Images, textes, sons, vidéos composent un digital playground for video game culture.

Art, Book, Magazine - Librairie numérique gratuite sur iPad

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ABM est une librairie numérique singulière, incluant un lecteur et une bibliothèque individuelle. Spécialisée dans l’art, elle propose des livres et des magazines gratuits ou payants, sélectionnés par un comité éditorial composé d’artistes, de designers, d’auteurs et de développeurs passionnés par l’édition papier et numérique.

Tactilize - The iPad apps publishing platform

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The iPad apps publishing platform, focused on editorial content


Astronaut Video/Magazine

Astronaut offers a place for independent filmmakers to present their documentaries and other projects that were achieved in their spare time often with minimal technical support or outside help. Up and coming music acts and photographers are profiled, artists and fashion designers are shown in their studios and people who are creating new disciplines are introduced. The user has a front row seat for all of this and gets to know these protagonists on an almost personal level. The use of film gives the viewer a deeper level of insight. Astronaut lives from amazing stories about people who break rules and create new realms far removed from the commercial world. Astronaut is a platform for individualists, for the courageous, for the unflinching and for daydreamers. Prepare for ignition

Letter to Jane Magazine: Moral Tales for iPhone for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

This is the magazine re-invented for the iPhone. Socially connected so that you can share any content with your friends and family on Facebook. A new, intuitive control system that allows you to easily navigate to any part of the magazine with one hand. High-res photography, in-depth interviews, and original videos let you enjoy some of the world's best artists on the go. Also check out Letter to Jane Magazine on the iPad. Here is what people have been saying about Moral Tales:

MAG DC for iPad on the iTunes App Store

MAG – is the brand new iPad Magazine by Designcollector Network. Its core team unites awesome iPad developer and illustrator Fiodor Sumkin, art-director Aziz Melibayev and editor in chief Arseny Vesnin. To keep its über-cool concept we won’t reveal the content, but you can feel it watching the “Work in Progress” video belo


A personalized iPad magazine that gets smarter as you use it

iPad publishing: time to switch to v2.0 | Monday Note

There is no way around this fact: the first batch of magazines adapted to the iPad failed to deliver.