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WONDEREUR: The best artists to watch.

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Daylight Digital

Our short-form editions for the iPad feature a new artist’s work twice a month, contextualized with essays by compelling writers.



Symbolia is a bi-monthly digital magazine dedicated to incendiary storytelling from around the world. We’re merging longform journalism and sequential art to create an entirely new digital news experience. Subscriptions are $11.99 for 6 issues, and single issues will be available for $2.99 a pop. Our preview issue is free, and comes with any subscription.



Experience the Art and Craft of Letterpress.

HUMUMENT.COM - The Official Site of A HUMUMENT by Tom Phillips

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A HUMUMENT is a treated book by British artist Tom Phillips based on the Victorian novel  'A Human Document'  by W.H. Mallock. A Human Document.   A Hum(an) (Doc)ument.   A Humument.