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The data drive

Zuckerberg has absconded with all of our data. Join the data drive today.



Fucking snow and ice.

Pavlov Poke

Pavlov Poke is a shocking solution to facebook and email addiction

RTS - Break-ups

La RTS lance la web-série "Break-ups" qui traîte des ruptures amoureuses Une première fiction diffusée exclusivement sur internet, où vingt comédiens se retrouvent dans des situations plutôt cocasses.

Headlines Against Humanity

Click-baity headlines are taking over the web. Today, publishers make more money from quantity than quality. They're incentivized to manipulate lots of people into clicking on a headline instead of getting engaged readers. Plenty of people may point the finger at the publishers themselves, but the page view journalism monster is something we've all created.


Happy Hour Virus | Courtesy of TDA_Boulder

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Please use the Happy Hour Virus to leave work early and enjoy the company of friends, family or co-workers.

Realistic Facebook Privacy Simulator - by UsVsTh3m

w long can you hold out? You'll see a short list of privacy questions and a ticking timer. Good luck.

Better Than Kittēns

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Better than Kittēns™ The antidote to creative professional platforms


All your data, in one place

Internet Users Demand Less Interactivity

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Tired of being bombarded with constant requests to share content on social media, bestow ratings, leave comments, and generally “join in on the discussion,” the nation’s Internet users demanded substantially less interactivity this week.


Home - Sharp Suits

Ireland's creative community have gotten together to release a lot of pent up anger and sadness through the medium of the A3 poster, all in aid of Temple Street Children's Hospital. Ad creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more have taken time out to dress up their favourite worst feedback from clients, transforming quotes that would normally give you a twitch, into a diverse collection of posters.

Don't miss the internet because of Frankenstorm! Download your Internet Survival Kit now

Don't miss your internet because of Frankenstorm. Download now, it contains enough internet for 1 week!

Créer ton dossier pour intégrer facilement à la FEMIS (v1.1)

Vous voulez intégrer la prestigieuse école de cinéma de la Femis mais vos capacités intellectuelles sont limitées ? Femis Facile est fait pour vous ! En quelques cliques de souris, créez votre dossier de candidature (un scénario ennuyeux et une lettre d'intention pompeuse) et participez au concours qui vous ouvrira les portes du 7ème art.


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tentatives de séduction en milieu urbain


Meowbify uses Mobify's industry leading technology to make the whole internet cat friendly.

Jotly | Rate Everything

Rate Everything. Everything about your life is exciting. To Everyone. With Jotly you can: - Rate anything. Even yourself. - Rate nothing. This will be fascinating to friends and foes.