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Transporter | Data Redefined

We designed Transporter with our social lifestyles in mind. It lets you share, collaborate, and back up files with other Transporter users located anywhere in the world. As a device you own and control, Transporter stores your data only on your local network and the local networks1 of other Transporter users whom you specifically authorize. In other words, it is completely private, unlike the cloud. And best of all, using Transporter is as easy as sending an invite to the people you want to share with, they accept, and that’s it. It couldn’t be any simpler.


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Tired of advertisements interrupting your movies, music and browsing experience? At one time, the internet was free and uncluttered, we remember and we want it back. We're bringing back the only thing that was good about the 90's!



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The ultimate internet experience, 12,1 inch, touch navigation, support flash, full hd video, 1,1kg,

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