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Into the Arctic | Greenpeace

The arctic is under pressure from oil companies seeking to exploit its fossil resources. They see the melting of the sea ice, not as a warning, but as a business opportunity. Take a journey into the Arctic and explore for yourself its natural wonders, the threat of the encroaching oil industry, and follow the struggle to save the Arctic


Love Letters to the Future

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Love Letters to the Future is a project designed to raise awareness about climate change. We are putting out a call for people to create messages for the future – as a 140 character text, image or video – and upload them to Our goal is to collect a critical mass of love letters and present them to the world during the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in mid-December. We are at a tipping point in the global fight against climate change. This is our chance to tell the world our future is at stake. Help us to get the word out!

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