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Network Effect

A portrait of human delusion — an exploration of the Internet’s psychological effect on humanity. By Jonathan Harris


Through using Kurokawa’s traditions and mythology as a base for a short film, which made up the project’s core, as well web design, photography and music we aimed to express the essence of Kurokawa. Furthermore the project aimed to give each artist complete control over each aspect of their field so that work they made as part of the project could also function as part of their personal portfolio.


Seeing-I is a social-artistic experiment that questions how much of the individual is an inherent personality and how large a portion of the individual is a cultural identity. For 24 hours a day for 28 days, Mark Farid will wear a Virtual Reality Headset through which he will experience life through another person’s eyes and ears; who for this project will be known as the Input.

The Heartbeat Symphony

The Heartbeat Symphony is an interactive symphony with music created from our own hearts. The more people join in, the more the music grows. Add your heartbeat, and we’ll find the perfect instrument for it in the orchestra. It’s that simple. Who knows, your heart could be the violin, the French horn, or even the marimba. You can explore the track to hear the heart music of others.



The dirty energy industry is dumping unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into our atmosphere, which threatens the things and the people we love. If we’re going to stop them from treating our atmosphere like an open sewer, we need to build a strong grassroots network devoted to fighting back.

My Neck Of The Woods

Immerse yourself in the live transmissions of three young people as they walk through their neighbourhoods in Manchester, telling you about their lives and asking you about yours.


Escape The House: A 3D sound experience

When sight fails you, sound is both your best friend and your worst nightmare. That’s the sensation of finding your way through a house cast into darkness. In this 3D sound experience, you need to listen closer than ever, because there’s another guest who will do anything to keep you from leaving. You can act based on what you hear, but you need to act quickly. It won’t be easy to hear your way out of this nightmare.

rAndom International » Rain Room

Rain Room is a hundred square metre field of falling water through which it is possible to walk, trusting that a path can be navigated, without being drenched in the process.   As you progress through The Curve, the sound of water and a suggestion of moisture fill the air, before you are confronted by this carefully choreographed downpour that responds to your movements and presence.

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