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February 2013

July 2012

Political Screaming Match

Débat + interactivité + téléphone = un concept fascinant

March 2012

Why Multimedia (does not) suck – an answer to Mike Davis

While Mike has several valid and well argued points, I don’t agree with his basic premise, that Multimedia/web documentaries lose in storytelling. Here’s my answer, Mike. Thanks for being ambitious on the behalf of online storytelling – not many picture editors are!

Does story telling lose in multimedia?

This will be the first time I’ve written about multimedia here. What prompts this first? I’ve judged a couple competitions lately so had to suffer through a bunch of multimedia pieces as part of the process. Given a choice, I avoid multimedia like the plague. Why? Because most of it sucks. Even the name sucks. A newspaper or magazine or book is multi media: words, design, photography, printing. Even radio is multi media: words and music.

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