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Sushi Day

by 1 other is all about sushi. Although I will occasionally include some traditional Japanese sushi recipes, most of what I post will be off the wall crazy sushi combinations that real traditionalists will hate me for!

Oyako Donburi

Recette d'Oyako Don.

Blue Lotus

A Canadian girl eats her way around Tokyo.

Obachan's Kitchen & Balcony Garden

OBACHAN" means a "middle-aged woman" or "aunt" in Japanese. Here's a woman who enjoys being a non-stereotypical OBACHAN in a comfortably underpopulated rural area in Japan.... Currently working 10 afternoons a month in an office and 5 nights a week in the kitchen at a kaiseki (traditional Japanese full-course meal) place as a dishwasher. The rest of the time, studying for a work I wish to do in the future


by 1 other
Recette illustrée de l'oyako-don.

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