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Set in the Street

An ongoing art project by Justin Bettman, Set in the Street consists of elaborate interior spaces made from unwanted or discarded materials and furniture. After shooting photos in the spaces, the sets are left up on the street, where passersby can shoot their own photos and share using the Instagram hashtag #SetintheStreet. The final photographs Justin shoots explore the complex ideas of perspective and perception through revealing the larger picture that we often overlook.

What They See

You visit museums to see works of art. Have you ever wondered what they see instead?


Death in Diorama

I n the 1940s, Frances Glessner Lee, a Chicago heiress to the International Harvester fortune, built the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, composite crime scene models recreated on a one-inch-to-one-foot scale. These macabre dioramas were purpose-built to be used as police training tools to help crime scene investigators learn the art and science of detailed forensics-based detection.

WONDEREUR: The best artists to watch.

Every other week, discover an artist's work and dive into the inspiration, process and stories behind the art

Selfless Portraits

Selfless Portraits is a collaborative art project bridging the gap between technology and humanity by encouraging small, creative gestures between strangers across the globe.

Veto Vito

A portrait of Vito Acconci by Jonathan Harris Vito Acconci, now 74, is a kind of legendary figure in the art world. In the early 1970s, he made a series of performance art pieces that used his own body as both subject and tool. I

DevArt. Le code au service de l'art.

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DevArt est un nouveau type d'art. Il est crée à partir de codes par des concepteurs qui repoussent les limites de la créativité et de la technologie.


Daylight Digital

Our short-form editions for the iPad feature a new artist’s work twice a month, contextualized with essays by compelling writers.

Question Bridge

Question Bridge: Black Males is a transmedia art project that seeks to represent and redefine Black male identity in America. Through video mediated question and answer exchange, diverse members of this "demographic" bridge economic, political, geographic, and generational divisions.

We Think Alone - A project by Miranda July

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NEST is an opportunity for the people of Northern Ireland to create art on a massive scale through the simple act of donating an object. The objects will be assembled into a gigantic installation in Belfast and become the focal point for a large-scale music and choral event inspired and performed by people of Northern Ireland.

Louvre / Islamic Arts


to say it » Работы

this project is created by enthusiasts with purpose to broadcast artistic and social statements, thoughts and texts in forms that are independent of institutions, galleries and museums



Symbolia is a bi-monthly digital magazine dedicated to incendiary storytelling from around the world. We’re merging longform journalism and sequential art to create an entirely new digital news experience. Subscriptions are $11.99 for 6 issues, and single issues will be available for $2.99 a pop. Our preview issue is free, and comes with any subscription.

The Public Domain Review |

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The Public Domain Review is a not-for-profit project dedicated to showcasing the most interesting and unusual out-of-copyright works available online.

Que se passe-t-il quand les artistes pensent la technologie comme les ingénieurs ? «

Les artistes qui utilisent les nouvelles technologies sont une source essentielle pour comprendre la manière dont notre monde se confronte aux technologies”

rAndom International » Rain Room

Rain Room is a hundred square metre field of falling water through which it is possible to walk, trusting that a path can be navigated, without being drenched in the process.   As you progress through The Curve, the sound of water and a suggestion of moisture fill the air, before you are confronted by this carefully choreographed downpour that responds to your movements and presence.

Silk — Interactive generative art

Silk was created by Yuri Vishnevsky as an experiment in generative art. For fun, he dabbles in mathematics, art, and piano.

Mechanical Flipbook

Did you ever draw in the corners of a book to create an image that animated as you "flipped" through the pages? Or been to a penny arcade and hand cranked a machine to watch a movie thru a small opening?

Occupy George

Money talks, but not loud enough for the 99%. By circulating dollar bills stamped with fact-based infographics, Occupy George informs the public of America's daunting economic disparity one bill at a time. Because knowledge is power.

‘I Love You’ limited edition archival print by Al Columbia » Floating World Comics

Al Columbia has been producing original paintings for the past few years. Many of these works go directly into the hands of private collectors, but every now and then we are lucky enough to catch of glimpse of these incredible worlds that Al brings to life. This print was carefully scanned from a painting titled, I Love You, featuring a heartbroken Francie in the twilight of despair. The art was printed on archival 300 gsm paper, with special attention given to the subtleties in the color levels. Only 10 copies of the print were made, and each has been signed and numbered by the artist.

Gallery of Lost Art | Tate

The Tate Gallery of Lost Art is an online exhibition that tells the stories of artworks that have disappeared. Destroyed, stolen, discarded, rejected, erased, ephemeral. Archival images, films, interviews, blogs and essays are laid out for visitors to examine the loss of works by over 40 artists across the twentieth century, including such figures as Marcel Duchamp, Joan Miro, Willem de Kooning, Rachel Whiteread and Tracey Emin.

Re-faire école

Un webdocumentaire sur la pédagogie en école d'art - professeurs et étudiants des beaux-arts de l'école média art fructidor de Chalon-sur-Saône