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09 August 2014


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WikiWand is a modern interface that optimizes Wikipedia's amazing content for a quicker and significantly improved reading experience! Finally a beautiful and modern way to read Wikipedia.

Behind Nowhere

A pixel art game by Tim Soret & Adrien Soret

08 August 2014

Cloud Chamber

“One of the first ever online multiplayer story games, where the main gameplay mechanic is not combat -- it's discussion”

Home | Quipu Project

The Quipu Project is collaborating with rural communities affected by Peru's sterilization campaign to develop a communication system that will enable them to speak up and tell their stories to the world using their phones. This interactive documentary aims to collect and share the testimonies of some of the 300,000 women and men who were sterilised in the 1990s - many of whom were forced to do so or did not give their informed consent.

07 August 2014

Before-and-After Satellite Photos Show the Damage in Gaza -

Satellite imagery released by the U.N. shows destruction in hard-hit Gaza neighborhoods.

04 August 2014

We've all experienced the annoyance of conference calls. Well meet, a piece that takes a hilarious look at conference calls. Created by Zach Scott, the piece randomizes audio and images so that each conference call you attend proceeds in a new way. Apparently participants have been attempting to get the deliverables to management since January 2, 2014. - Now and Then

An interactive look at the growth, decline, and revival of the city of Detroit through historic and present-day pictures.

The Long Dark

How Far Will You Go to Survive?

31 July 2014

Ulyces - éditeurs d'histoires vraies

Ulyces est une maison d’édition numérique dédiée au journalisme narratif. Nous publions chaque jour des histoires vraies sélectionnées pour leur qualité littéraire et leur exigence journalistique. Nos collections s’enrichissent de plusieurs dizaines de textes tous les mois. Vous pouvez les acheter à l’unité ou vous abonner pour accéder à toutes les histoires. Vous pouvez également offrir un abonnement. Pour proposer le meilleur du journalisme narratif, nous travaillons avec des auteurs et des médias, français et internationaux.

30 July 2014

Rwanda 20 ans après : portraits du changement

20 ans après le génocide au Rwanda, comment rescapés et anciens bourreaux vivent-ils ensemble ? Rwanda, portraits du changement, un webdocumentaire inédit de RFI et France 24

Générations 14, mémoires intimes de la grande guerre

Construisez l’histoire de vos aïeux pendant la Grande Guerre et participez à la mémoire collective.

These Final Hours

These Final Hours is a transmedia storyworld, told through social updates, mobile plus 'social sim' experiences set over 5 months - that leads you to the end of the world. A blend of rich social/email stories are woven into a nicely push-based narrative. A few replays will uncover a lot of detail and story branches. The experience was created as a lead up to the release of the Australian Film of the same name.

Southside Stories

Within a generation, the NYC neighborhood of Williamsburg has drastically changed. Southside Stories is a guided walking audio tour featuring newcomers and long-term residents who share their thoughts on the community’s past, present and future. Participants get an opportunity to see the neighborhood from a different perspective and walk in the shoes of another person and ultimately empathize with their experiences.

Loves of a Cyclops

Here's a beautiful, simple branching narrative project called Loves of a Cyclops. Created on a very limited budget the project features lovely aesthetics and a comprehensive site with lots of story bits and pieces to explore.

28 July 2014


Fucking snow and ice.

27 July 2014

The Drowned Lego

If there was no real record of the space, I would create my own. And if I had no capability to adequately create it from scratch, no matter – I would build it out of LEGO. Everyone can build things out of LEGO.

The Drowned Man Wiki

Good evening. My name is Leeland Madison Stanford. Welcome to Temple Studios. Thank you for coming here to celebrate the completion of our latest production, ‘The Drowned Man’.

25 July 2014

Thomas Was Alone

Guidez un groupe de rectangles au travers d'un série d'obstacles, en faisant usage de leurs différents talents ensemble pour arriver à la fin de chaque environnement.

24 July 2014


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realtime emoji use on twitter

23 July 2014

The Nether

The Nether offers complete freedom – a new virtual wonderland provides total sensory immersion. Just log in, choose an identity and indulge your every desire.

Watching the World Cup

A photographic journey exploring crowds at the World Cup 2014 in Brazil

22 July 2014

The { } And

A collaboration between millennial marketing agency Noise, a project called The Skin Deep, and director Topaz Adizes, The And explores relationships, communication, and how we connect to each other.