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June 2008

The Web with a touch of Style - Keio SFC

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This is part of a lecture given at SFC Keio University - ( 慶応義塾大学) in June 2008 (The class had been given the first time in June 2007). The lecture covers a few topics such as Web architecture, XML technologies,

May 2008

Visitors - fast web log analyzer

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Visitors is a very fast web log analyzer for Linux, Windows, and other Unix-like operating systems. It takes as input a web server log file, and outputs statistics in form of different reports.

April 2008

March 2008

widgeditor - Google Code

widgEditor is a browser-based JavaScript WYSIWYG editor for HTML content. It is designed to be simple to use, have a small code footprint, and produce valid, semantic code.

January 2008

Stocker du texte UTF-8 correctement dans une base MySQL - Le blog de, un informaticien à la campagne...

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L'erreur généralement commise est double : * table créée en latin1 pour stocker de l'utf-8 * utilisation des fonctions mysql_* en latin1 avec des données utf8

Mastering regular expressions in PHP, Part 1: Perl may be regex king, but PHP can slice and dice input quickly, too

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Pattern matching is such a common chore for software that a special shorthand — regular expressions — has evolved to make light work of the task. Learn how to use this shorthand in your code here in Part 1 of this "Mastering regular expressions in PHP" series.

December 2007

Perfect PHP Pagination [PHP & MySQL Tutorials]

This tutorial is an attempt to further abstract a class for managing result pagination, thereby removing its dependencies on database connections and SQL queries. The approach I'll discuss provides a measure of flexibility, allowing the developer to create his or her very own page layouts, and simply register them with the class through the use of an object oriented design pattern known as the Strategy Design Pattern.

November 2007

JW Media Player

The JW Media Player (built with Adobe's Flash) supports playback of a single media file of any format the Adobe Flash Player can handle (MP3, FLV, SWF, JPG, PNG and GIF). It also supports RSS, XSPF and ATOM playlist (with mixed mediatypes and advertisement possibilities), a wide range of flashvars (settings) for tweaking both behavior and appearance and an extensive, documented javascript/actionscript API.

September 2007

Learn Apache mod_rewrite: 13 Real-world Examples [Apache & IIS Configuration]

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Apache's low-cost, powerful set of features make it the server of choice for organizations around the world. One of its most valuable treasures is the mod_rewrite module, the purpose of which is to rewrite a visitor's request URI in the manner specified by a set of rules.

August 2007

July 2007

westciv :: XRAY web developer's suite

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XRAY let's you see the box model for any element on a page in action - where is the top and left of an element, how big is each margin, how big is the padding, how wide and high is the content box?

June 2007 / xmlarray

xmlarray is a php class that parses an xml file into a multidimensional array. it greatly simplifies content syndication with rss or xml backend files.

May 2007

Easy Ajax with jQuery [JavaScript & AJAX Tutorials]

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Ajax is changing web applications, giving them a responsiveness that's unheard of beyond the desktop. But behind all the hype, there's not much to Ajax -- (X)HTML, JavaScript, and XML are nothing new, and in this tutorial, I'll show you how to simplify the process of adding Ajax to your application even further with the help of jQuery, a popular JavaScript library.

April 2007

March 2007

Amfphp Security

Injection SQL en video (flash)


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SCENARI est un environnement logiciel libre de conception de chaînes éditoriales numériques permettant la création de documents multimédia à usage professionnel.

OpenURL ContextObject in SPAN (COinS)

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The goal is to embed citation metadata into html in such a way that processing agents can discover, process and make use of the metadata.

ASCIIMathML: Math on the web for everyone

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produce good-looking math formulas on webpages using a simple calculator-style syntax and your own ASCII or HTML editor? Ascii -> mathML

February 2007

Talking about Ajax and Accessibility at Abilitynet - Wait till I come!

the ins and outs of Ajax and its accessibility issues. You can download the presentation – PDF 400KB

January 2007

PHP Classes - Class: HTML SQL

This class can be used to parse and extract information from HTML documents using a query language similar to SQL to define the information to be extracted. The class can open HTML documents stored as local files or as remote pages using the Snoopy class. The class can execute a query with a syntax similar to SQL SELECT statements to search an find certain tags in the opened document with attributes that match query condition. The occurrences that it find are returned as result set rows that may contain a given list of attributes of the matched tags.

JavaScript - Table des matières

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