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20 November 2006

Guide to Spanish Language Web Sites

A wonderful site that will link you to a whole host of useful other sites. Divided by categories; Spanish Dictionaries, Spanish for Fun, Spanish Grammar, Spanish Language Schools, Spanish Literature, Spanish Magazines, Spanish Online Classes, Spanish Online Forums, Spanish Online News, Spanish Pronunciation, Spanish Spelling and Writing, Spanish Teaching Resources, Spanish Vocabulary. Useful for parents as well as students!

16 November 2006

Elementary Spanish

This is a general elementary Spanish site that is a good resource for lots of different categories of vocabulary.

26 October 2006

¡ Especially Español !

Site that has a link to "El Rinconcito," a site that focuses on elementary school students. Lots of links to other useful sites as well as a Spanish chat room for young Spanish speakers!

Texas State Library Recommended Reading List

Children's books in Spanish that the Texas State Library recommends as suitable reading for children. Not an extremely large sight, but can point parents towards some titles to read with their children.

Spanish Tutorial

Grammar and vocabulary tutorial site. Lots of exercises that you can do right on your computer.

Spanish Grammar

A fairly comprehensive grammar sight. Great for students looking for challenges that will improve their writing as well as speaking.

25 October 2006

FLES Links

A very well developed Spanish web site with tons of links to other great sites! A real valuable resource.

Don Quijote: Website of the animated series

Official website of the animated series chronicling the events of the ingenious knight Don Quijote de la Mancha. Includes school acitvities and an amazing amount of information for all ages.

Songs and more songs

Lots of classsic children's songs with audio and lyrics.


All about the Aztecs

Mexico for Kids

Great, kid friendly site about Mexico

Classroom Objects/Objetos de la Aula

Common objects you would find in the classroom with pictures and audio pronunciation.

24 October 2006


Audio resource of a woman counting from 1-100

Colors Game

Fun, short game that tests your knowledge of colors.


Basic greeting and expressions of courtesy.


Some useful adjectives with pictures to aid in comprehension.

Literacy Center Education Network™

Various activities to enhance vocabulary as well as knowledge of the alphabet.

Profiles of Spanish Speaking Countries

Use this site to find out information about Spanish speaking countries if you were to travel to them. General information.

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