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30 seconds to mars

The Kill (bury me ) Fulsic Full lenght DVD qulaity music video !

The Kill

30 Seconds To Mars' "The Kill" music video. Directors Cut!

March 2007


ontology katastrofy

ontology film

ontology physis


ontology physis

January 2007

December 2006

Postmodern Thought

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contemporary theory, critical theory, cultural theorists

Philosophy and Contemporary Culture

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extensive links page for cultural studies, theory, web resources, major figures by a teacher


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OntoSelect provides an access point for ontologies on any possible topic or domain that is automatically updated, organized in a meaningful way and with automatic support for ontology selection in knowledge markup. Unlike for instance the DAML and SchemaWeb ontology libraries, OntoSelect is not based primarily on a static registration of published ontologies, but includes a crawling procedure that monitors the web for any newly published ontologies in the following representation formats: RDF/S, DAML or OWL.

OMWG :: Ontology Management Working Group

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Welcome to the Ontology Management Working Group! It is our mission to create the DERI Ontology Management Environment (DOME). By exhaustively developing such a suite, we aim at providing an integral solution for the Ontology management problem. The main inspiring priciples * simplicity (a solution to the ontology management problem that is as simple as possible), * completeness (solves all aspects of the ontology management problem), * reuse (borrows concepts and ideas from well stablish research areas such a DDBB field) should provide a world-wide leading suite, which will be developed together with industrial partners and other research groups, and will be aligned with many different research projects.

Music Ontology Specification

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The Music Ontology Specification provides main concepts and properties fo describing music (i.e. artists, albums and tracks) on the Semantic Web.

Tableau :: open-source photo gallery

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Tableau is a simple, open-source photo gallery with a neutral interface. Built with Ruby on Rails, some of the features include drag-drop sorting, lightbox style image viewing and album groupings. Released under the MIT License. * Demo: * Project Tracker: * Repository: svn://

November 2006

Silvio Berlusconi sviene a Montecatini

Silvio Berlusconi sviene a Montecatini durante un comizio

Berlusconi, malore in diretta

Silvio Berlusconi, durante un comizio a Montecatini, accusa un malore e sviene...

October 2006