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06 April 2007 20:30

Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium rings do not dull, rust, or corrode over time. The rings are available in many different shapes. The two most popular shapes are flat and domed bands. Flat bands are thin while domed bands have more depth. Aside from the different shapes availabl

06 April 2007 20:15

Titanium Promise Rings

Because promise rings are less formal than wedding and engagement rings, they are usually less expensive. Titanium promise rings are more reasonably priced than promise rings made of a precious metal like gold or silver. Some people choose to buy more exp

Titanium Engagement Rings

The diamond or other gemstone is most often set in the ring using tension settings. Tension settings are the best way to have the precious stone displayed prominently yet still be fastened securely to the ring. Tension setting is a relatively new process,

Mens Titanium Rings

Many men who do not normally wear jewelry may like titanium rings. Titanium is a strong, durable elemental metal that keeps its shape and can withstand the elements better than most metals, so titanium rings are a good choice for men who work with their h

Custom Titanium Rings

There are an infinite number of gem settings available for custom titanium rings. Many different stones can be used, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or any other precious stone. Different types of settings can be used to fasten the gem to the ring. T

Black Titanium Rings

There are several different methods used to produce black titanium. One of the newest and most reliable is to alloy the gray titanium so that it becomes black permanently. The best way to do this is to blacken the titanium?s molecules, rather than just us

Titanium Rings

Titanium Rings Resource provides detailed information about titanium wedding, engagement and promise rings, as well as custom, black, and men?s titanium rings.

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