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April 2007

Puffy Eyes

Puffy eye is a condition where the eye is puffed up under the eyes. It spoils the looks of the face and eyes, but is rarely a serious problem. The cosmetic importance of puffy eyes cannot be taken lightly, as it gives a tired, sad look to the eyes.

February 2007

Cat Care Tips Causes Of Cat Spraying

Luckily, this problem can be easily rectified. Spraying is a problem associated with your cats marking habits, not his litter box.

January 2007

Losing Weight a Problem? Get help from the right Herbs

It is tempting and easy to say that simply eating less and exercising more will make you lose weight. When I was a teenager I ate like a horse. My nickname was skinny Finny, and that's what I was – skinny. And I hated it! Now, in later years, I'm no lon

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