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April 2007

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Many people are using outdoor gas fireplaces to make their pools and hot tubs more useful year-round. In cool months, they can sit on the deck and enjoy hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows by the fire. Others create an elaborate backyard oasis, complet

Gas Fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces Resource provides detailed information about ventless, outdoor, corner, and natural gas fireplaces, and gas fireplace stoves, as well as gas fireplace inserts, logs, and more.

February 2007

Use A Barbeque Smoker For Easy Outdoor Cooking And Great Flavor

Today, barbeque lovers from every part of the globe love it for the same good reasons. Once again, the main appeal is the flavor it adds to bbq meat. It's no wonder that today, hundreds of barbecue cooks and eaters enjoy barbecue smokers. With the modern

Camping Outdoor Tips

The best online resource for free Camping Outdoor Tips information.

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