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05 April 2007

Memory Foam Mattress

If you are shopping for a memory-foam mattress at a discount and you don?t mind shopping online, check out Overstock. Overstock sells the overstock merchandise from other companies, often at deep discounts. At the time of this writing, Overstock sells a l

Mattress Pad

The ever-popular memory foam is even available in a mattress pad. This gives you the body-contouring support of memory foam, but at a fraction of the cost. Memory foam mattress pads are available in a variety of thicknesses. Naturally, you will get more s


Mattresses provides detailed information about air, foam, memory foam, futon, and waterbed mattresses and mattress pads, plus advice about mattress stores.

02 April 2007

Memory Foam Slippers

Memory foam slippers provide the greatest fit for any foot. Whether your feet are fleshy or bony, flat-bottomed or highly arched, memory foam slippers are right for you. They can “remember” the shape of your feet.

Memory Foam Reviews

Serta : Serta is a large bedding company, formed in 1931. They decided to start offering memory foam mattresses and mattress pads in the 1990s, and their product quality is high, but their customer service is not very knowledgeable. If you buy a Serta mem

Memory Foam Pillows

A memory foam contour pillow, often called a Swedish neck pillow, is filled with thousands of microscopic “cells” that can deform under pressure. When you rest your neck, shoulders, or head on it, the air in the deformed cells moves to neighboring cel

Memory Foam Mattresses

But before you go smashing your piggy bank to spend everything on the first memory foam mattress you see, realize that not all memory foam mattresses are the same: they vary in density, thickness, and overall quality. Densities range from 2.5 pounds per c

Memory Foam Mattress Pads

The terms “memory foam mattress topper”, “memory foam topper”, “memory foam mattress pad”, and “memory foam pad” are all interchangeable. A memory foam mattress pad provides much of the comfort and support of a memory foam mattress, at a f

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Some manufacturers of memory foam mattresses also make dog beds. Ask your dealer, or inquire at your favorite local pet supplies outlet. You can also buy them online. Memory foam dog beds can cost you as little as $80 and as much as $240.

Memory Foam

Information you can trust on memory foam mattresses, mattress pads, pillows, slippers, dog beds, as well as product reviews and more.

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