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April 2007

The Advantages of Sofa Slip Covers

Sofa slipcovers offer a way to change your couch without the expense of buying a new one. You simply cover your existing sofa. Sofa slipcovers are made to fit most sizes and styles of sofas. If you have a unique, one-of-a-kind, or handmade sofa, you might

How to Make a Slip Cover

If you have any sewing skills at all, you can probably do this. This is a relatively easy task for even an intermediate seamstress. There are many books out there explaining exactly how to make a slipcover. Fabric stores also offer basic patterns and proj

How to Buy Custom Slip Covers

To find someone to make your custom slipcovers, start locally. The benefits to this are numerous. Someone who is local will likely come out and take the measurements of your furniture. This way you are guaranteed to get a truly custom fit. And, if there a

Carburetor Kits

Carburetor kits are a complete set of carburetor parts that can be easily assembled and placed in an engine. These kits are pre-tested and pre-jetted. Most carburetor kits contain parts for replacing broken down parts within the carburetor. They can be cu

A Guide to Duvet Covers

Duvet covers usually have one end that has a zipper or buttons that can seal the duvet cover around the duvet. Duvet covers fit tightly around duvets and protect them from getting dirty or soiled. A duvet cover can be compared to a pillowcase in that they

Memory Foam Slippers

Memory foam slippers provide the greatest fit for any foot. Whether your feet are fleshy or bony, flat-bottomed or highly arched, memory foam slippers are right for you. They can “remember” the shape of your feet.

Silk Palm Trees

They fit well on tabletops and room corners where real palms could go, without the trouble of watering and weeding. They come in different varieties ranging from silk tabletop plants to life size plants as high as eight to fifteen inches. Usually, silk pa

Tire Chain Rentals

First, few places rent tire chains, and even those places that do may not have chains that fit your car's tires. Especially during busy tourist seasons, many places may be out of tire chains, particularly those that fit popular car models. Even if you get

Snow Tire Chains

The first rule of tire chains is to make sure they can actually be used on your vehicle. That means dragging out the old owner's manual. After ensuring that tire chains are safe for your car, truck, of SUV, check with local law enforcement officers to mak

Training Bras

First bras or training bras are a pre-schooling experience for young girls who have started to develop breasts but do not yet fit into the standard bra sizes. Training bras are meant for girls who have started to develop breasts. However, age is not the m

February 2007

Wedding Tips Choose A Wedding Dress To Fit Your Personality

It all depends on the type of wedding that you are planning to have. If you plan to have a more elegant and traditional style of wedding, you are going to want to make sure that you are getting the perfect dress. You decide on a big and beautiful wedding

Wedding Tips Wedding Dress Accessories

The one thing that you want to do is make sure that you are wearing the right jewelry that makes your dress and you stand out. You will want to choose these items carefully. You have to consider many things. You need to think about the neckline that you h

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