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April 2007

Sauna Suits

The use of sauna suits brings out misconceptions about losing weight. That is, to lose weight, your body needs to burn more food (calories) than you eat. And, when your body has no immediate food/source of energy to burn, it will start burning stored fat.

February 2007

Healthy Cooking Tips For Weight Loss

Following these simple healthy cooking revisions is an easy way to cut the excess fat out of your diet, improve your health and promote almost effortless weight loss.

Great Pastry Tips

Add fat slowly until mixture looks like small peas. The more fat you use past the point of looking like peas the less flaky your crust will be.

January 2007

Weight Loss – How do the Diet Pills Work?

However, most of the times we are unable to do this. We live on junk food and do not bother to take exercise till the time we are in a problem. All this leads to obesity and brings along other problems.

Water -- Essential for Healthy Weight Loss

An abundant daily intake of pure‚ healthy water is absolutely essential for healthy weight loss. A healthy increase in clean water will enhance nutrient absorption‚ the hydration of your skin, weight loss, detoxification and every healthy and necessar

The key to my success in weight loss (82 lbs. / 37 kg. lost in 6 months)

The thing that was crucial for me in the beginning of my emotional success in life, is that I acknowledged that it was my responsibility to do something about the things that were negative in my life. Before I started the weight loss process I had fought

Six Tips To Maintaining Weightloss

I’ll share some of my own tips for helping to keep the weight off that you worked so hard to take off.

No More Meal Stealing! - Demand Dieting Experts

That theory is now so well-tested as to be certainly true to some degree. Accurate though it is, actually it is only of secondary value in explaining why obsessive dieting not only persists within our culture but is in fact on the rise.

Losing Weight a Problem? Get help from the right Herbs

It is tempting and easy to say that simply eating less and exercising more will make you lose weight. When I was a teenager I ate like a horse. My nickname was skinny Finny, and that's what I was – skinny. And I hated it! Now, in later years, I'm no lon

Losing that First Five Pounds

We set such lofty goals:>> I want to be in the best shape of my life.>> I want to look like I'm a teenager (except I'm over 40).>> I want to have washboard abs (I don't exercise).>> I want to be as thin as a runway model (but I lov

Lose Weight Fast – the 3 Most Important Tips to Success!

The three tips below are applicable to any diet, will help you lose weight fast and allow you to enjoy ANY Food you like.

Lose Weight and Keep It Off By Watching Television Hypnosis

What you really need is a diet where you lose weight by sitting in front of the TV. Think it's a fantasy? Keep reading.

Holiday Help for the Weary Dieter

1. Keep busy – sometimes we eat out of boredom, so get out there and be the life of the party, the more busy you are talking, the less time you’ll have to gobble the delectable treats.

Finding Good Foods That Promote Weight Loss

What happens when we eat healthy nutritious food? Our bodies respond by increasing our metabolism, which in turn helps to promote weight loss. Now while this is rather simplified and weight loss can require a little more commitment as far as exercising an

Fast Weight Loss Diets Illusion - Beauty Is Not Skin-Deep

How many of us stand in front of our mirrors before we dash of to work. Maybe we don’t really stand in front of the mirror and chant out,

Energy Diet – Feel Lively Healthy & Happy Now!

The energy diet tips are easy to use, so let's look at them.

Diet Pills – A Fast Option for Losing Weight

While weight gain may be attributable to unhealthy eating habits, lethargic lifestyle and some kind of hormonal imbalance. It could be due to any, some or all of these factors that your tummy is bloating out. A fit body never accepts an inflated tummy. Th

Didrex - The Alternative to Weight Loss

If you have a history of heat disease, or arteriosclerosis, glaucoma, if you have been on a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, or a history of drug or alcohol abuse, this is one drug you can forget. Also not to forget, if you have been prescribed Didrex by your

Adipex - Resolve Your Weight Issues

The fact is that you are not the only one who has deal with the problem. There are millions of people around you who are going through the same thing! They are living the same inactive existence and consuming the same kind of unhealthy diet. And the resul

Diet Tips & Weight Loss information site

Offers vital information about losing weight. Discusses weight lifting, diet and nutrition.

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