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14 February 2007 08:00

Use A Barbeque Smoker For Easy Outdoor Cooking And Great Flavor

Today, barbeque lovers from every part of the globe love it for the same good reasons. Once again, the main appeal is the flavor it adds to bbq meat. It's no wonder that today, hundreds of barbecue cooks and eaters enjoy barbecue smokers. With the modern

14 February 2007 07:45

Healthy Cooking Tips For Weight Loss

Following these simple healthy cooking revisions is an easy way to cut the excess fat out of your diet, improve your health and promote almost effortless weight loss.

14 February 2007 07:30

A Quick Guide To Buying And Cooking Asparagus

There are three types of asparagus widely available in grocery and specialty stores today.

Chinese Cooking Where Do I Start

Vegetable oil (such as corn oil, soybean oil or peanut oil) is the most basic ingredient in Chinese cooking and often used because of it’s higher smoking point (441° to 450°F) as compared to olive oil (about 375°F).

14 February 2007 07:15

10 Pantry Staples To Make Quick Cooking Taste Like All Day Cooking

Pasta: Pasta is so versatile that you could make dinner with it every night for a month and never have the same meal twice. Dried pasta is the perfect pantry staple to stock up on every time it goes on sale at your grocery store. Keep different size and s

Cooking Liver

The best liver is the liver from young animals as it is mildest and tenderest. Calf's liver is delicate and delicious but fairly expensive. Real calf's liver is paler in color than the redder more mature baby beef liver. For a mild flavored liver choose t

8 Simple Commonsense Cooking Tips

Want to try a new barbeque recipe that requires a hood on the barbeque which you may not have. Try using a wok lid or any domed lid. This works very well indeed. Great for roasted meats when camping out. Never buy frozen pastry again.

Cooking Tips

When you are cooking a meal, there are many things that can go wrong and many simple, household solutions to issues that arise that you may not know.

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