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05 April 2007 19:30

Small Engine Carburetors

There is a hole in this narrowing called the jet that allows the fuel to be drawn in because of the vacuum. There are several parts in a carburetor that allow for smooth functioning. The parts are the pilot, pilot airscrew, throttle valve, jet needle, nee

05 April 2007 19:15

Rebuilt Carburetors

Rebuilding carburetors involves disassembling the carburetor and other related components in the fuel system. These parts are cleaned with a carburetor cleaner. Then the spoiled or broken parts are replaced using new parts from a carburetor kit. Rebuilt c

Marine Carburetors

There are several kinds of marine carburetors depending on the kind of engine. They can be broadly categorized under 14 groups. These 14 models are mostly used in 2 and 4 barrels and Mercruisers. There are also remanufactured or rebuilt carburetors availa

How Do Carburetors Work?

The carburetor comprises of a tube with an adjustable plate called the

Carburetor Kits

Carburetor kits are a complete set of carburetor parts that can be easily assembled and placed in an engine. These kits are pre-tested and pre-jetted. Most carburetor kits contain parts for replacing broken down parts within the carburetor. They can be cu


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