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April 2007

How to Make a Slip Cover

If you have any sewing skills at all, you can probably do this. This is a relatively easy task for even an intermediate seamstress. There are many books out there explaining exactly how to make a slipcover. Fabric stores also offer basic patterns and proj

February 2007

Easy Origami

Aside from the materials, we are also going to show you some of the basic folds, and how to read the directions of many of the patterns that you can find.

Salad Basic Tips

You should always remove stems and roots. When storing line a plastic bag or airtight container with barley damp paper towels, make sure not wet. Put unwashed greens in bag and refrigerate usually for as many as five days. One exception, Iceberg lettuce s

Chinese Cooking Where Do I Start

Vegetable oil (such as corn oil, soybean oil or peanut oil) is the most basic ingredient in Chinese cooking and often used because of it’s higher smoking point (441° to 450°F) as compared to olive oil (about 375°F).

Garden Tools

Shovels: This is one garden tool you don't want to be without. When digging over the garden a rounded shovel is easier to work with. Be sure to get one that is built fairly well and if it has a wood handle that won’t splinter. The second shovel that you

Basic Dog Training

The most basic of dog training is to get your dog to sit and come. Teaching your dog those commands are essential for him to learn. These commands are used for various different reasons, if you are in competition, if your dog jumps making him sit will imm

Dog Training Book

There are people writing dog training books that have never actually owned a dog and the nonsense they blether is quite funny but then you get the serious writers. People that have had about 30 years of dog training experience are putting their knowledge

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