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02 April 2007 19:00

Types Of Palm Trees

According to the structure of the leaves, palms are classified as palmate or fan shaped, pinnate or feather shaped and bipinnate. The only palm under bipinnate is the fish tail palm that carries the Caryota genus. Yet another classification of palms is na

Silk Palm Trees

They fit well on tabletops and room corners where real palms could go, without the trouble of watering and weeding. They come in different varieties ranging from silk tabletop plants to life size plants as high as eight to fifteen inches. Usually, silk pa

Palm Trees For Sale

The United States has many palm tree farms and nurseries that cultivate and sell palm trees and its products. The International Palm Society has more than thousand members in 81 countries that grow, care for and trade palm trees. Some important members in

Artificial Palm Trees

An artificial palm tree has a fake trunk that acts as a central support, an external covering to disguise the real material used for the trunk and detachable fronds. The fake trunk is affixed to a plane base that supports the entire tree. Artificial palms

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