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04 October 2006 04:45

Save Money | Home Utility Bills | Perfect Money Saving

Guess what, conservation really means "using less". Using less energy, means you are spending less money. Inevitably, conservation goes hand in hand with saving money

04 October 2006 04:15

Love Messages | Tremendous Passion | Searching For Gifts

During the initial phase of love, there is a tremendous passion and a desire to keep on sharing everything.

04 October 2006 04:00

Lemon Law Expert | States Lemon Law | Law Attorney

Different states have different laws. To find out what your state's lemon laws are, simply look on your state's website, or contact your state's Attorney General's office, or call a qualified lemon law attorney

Fall Lawn Care | Midwestern Winter | Spring Lawn Care

It's easy in the warm spring to roll up our sleeves and get out the rakes, aerators, spreaders and mowers

04 October 2006 03:45

Landscaping Plans | Garden Plans | Landscaping Project Tips

There are alot of good websites devoted solely to landscaping design. Try to plan something that fits your personality so you can have the most enjoyment out of it when you finish. And even experiment a little to find things that work perfectly for your property.

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