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my lectures 2 (from a mathwiki page)

now i can write my lectures from a wiki! page insteed of reloding the .txt file. Also i would like to make a listsNavigator using a wiki structure to mantain the lists in a easy and text-plain way, it would'nt have to be very hard.

my lectures (tagged)

from http://giovanninicco .com/libri.txt here is the rendering with the trick of an if and a parameter

trovando - test

a tagtool list

agglutinazione di tag

Friday, May 26, 2006, 07:05 PM Questa sembra una pagina seria che continua il mio discorso di agglutinazione di tag (nota: perche' questo blog non e' anche wiki? cioe' autolinkante in maniera friendly? wordpress lo e'?) anyway: Folksonomy questa pure non scherza: tags

Tag cloud su dBlog -

code for create clouds of tags

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